Winchester USA Forged Ammunition

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Winchester USA Forged

Winchester Ammunition released a new line of domestically made steel cased ammo. Called USA Forged, the new line is aimed at budget shooters and should be less expensive than its current brass cased USA line of ammunition. Currently, the company is only making the ammunition in 9mm. However, I expect the company would be willing to expand the caliber offerings if the demand and margins are there.

The ammunition is being loaded in Oxford, MS. It uses a 115 gr brass jacketed FMJ bullet and loaded to 1,190 fps. It is Boxer primed, though I don’t know anyone reloading steel 9mm cases for this to be a concern.

Winchester released .45 ACP in special wooden boxes suitable for gift giving and collecting. USA Forged seems to be the opposite of that line.

Checking at a few online sites, it appears that a box of 150 rounds is selling for $31-$34. Considering I have been able to pick up new brass cased FMJ ammo online for $10.99/50, there doesn’t appear to be much savings in the steel cased stuff. There may be a more significant savings when buying at a local Walmart or at a sporting goods chain.

Has anyone seen this ammo locally? What kind of prices are you seeing on it, and how does it compare to white box, Blazer, UMC, etc.?

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Vitsaus Vitsaus on Dec 09, 2015

    So they had some Russian company OEM their steel case junk for them, and they mark it up to nearly brass prices for those guys who will take a 25% reduction in performance and quality to save 10% on the box of ammo.

  • Steve Steve on Dec 17, 2015

    Just picked up a 150rd box of these at my local Walmart, $31.97. I usually shoot 124 grain loads but curiosity got the best of me. At first glance, the steel cases are rather unrefined, not smooth as other steel cased ammo I have used, and it almost seemed as if there was a light coating of oxidation on them. I expect my Glock 19 will handle them without any issues, but I am not impressed with the finish at all. I have used Tul Ammo steel cased ammo as well as Blazer and Federal aluminum, I suspect I will not be changing to Winchester steel cased ammo anytime soon.