Winchester Ammunition – Service Grade .45 in Wood Gift Box

Phil White
by Phil White

Last year about this same time Winchester announced a Christmas/Gift wood box with 200 rounds of ammunition. This year Winchester is repeating that promotion which again will be 200 rounds of .45 acp in an attractive wood box.

This year the ammunition will change. All 200 rounds will be 230 grain ball ammo with military style head stamps. Winchester refers to it as military grade .45 acp. From the photo of the box you can see it has a military type theme.

These gift boxes will start shipping in October so you should be able to purchase these in November. MSRP will be announced but is said to be in the $90–$100 range.

This from Winchester:

Phil White
Phil White

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  • Pranqster Pranqster on Aug 27, 2015

    Im a BIG fan of Boxes. Not this kind :-/

  • Cymond Cymond on Aug 27, 2015

    Vaguely related: here's some actual vintage ammo. I have no idea how old this is, it was given to me by my grandfather-in-law.

    • Grindstone50k Grindstone50k on Aug 31, 2015

      @Cymond I've got Korean War era .45 and it looks very similar. Winchester did a little more fancy print job, though, but the box folding is the same. I shot some. Smells a little funny, but shot perfectly.