POTD: Squib Round Stuck in Polish P-64 Pistol!

    Serellan writes about a recent squib incident he experienced. A squib is when a bullet does not have enough powder to exit the barrel. It is exceptionally dangerous because if you don’t realize the bullet is stuck in the barrel, and then fire another, you could easily a serious KABOOM. He writes …

    Squib fire with Hornady Critical Defense 9x18mm, in my Polish P-64. I have never had a malfunction with hundreds of rounds through the gun. Luckily the squib was very obvious, as it was the first round out of the mag. Because of the nature of the debris coming out of the ejection port, I believe this round did not have powder in it.

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    Obviously this is a dangerous situation, luckily I am familiar with squibs and did not attempt to fire the weapon again. If this had been a self-defense situation the weapon would have been put out of commission. This is especially grievous in self-defense ammunition.

    Thanks for sharing!

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