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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

This photo has been going around recently on social media. It is the shield used to enter the Bataclan Theater during the recent Paris terrorist attack last Friday. After doing a little digging I found some more information and photos.

The special unit, that used this shield, is called Brigades de Recherche et d’Intervention (Research and Intervention Brigade) aka BRI. They specialize in serious robberies and kidnappings. Which made them ideal for hostage rescue in the Bataclan theater.

Below are two photos of BRI officers posing with the shield used to enter the theater. They use Glocks and HK G36s. If you look closely, you will notice that both officers are carrying two glock pistols each. One on their chest and another in a Safariland style drop leg holster. I am curious as to why they need backups for their backups? It would make sense for the guy leading the charge with the shield. Typically those people use pistols to reach around the shield. However, I am not sure why the guy with the H&K G36 needs three weapons.

A close up of the shield’s window with a bullet strike.

There is a video on BBC interviewing a Police Union Spokeman. He relays what the BRI officers experienced and witnessed when they breached the theater.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • MidwayBill MidwayBill on Nov 23, 2015

    Anyone going into a tactical situation like that needs to be prepared for any eventuality. They likely have no intel on just how well armed the bad guys are that they will encounter, so they load up. Hunting dangerous game, a hunter needs to have the back-up plan. Either he has more than a primary firearm, or his guide has the back-up heat, or both.

  • Tim X Tim X on Nov 24, 2015

    I hope this put an end to all those fool's comments that the French are a bunch of pussies. The French can fight; they just have to be convinced that it's the best way to deal with a situation.