Big 3 East: Zenith Firearms and ZQI Ammo

    Zenith Firearms and ZQI Ammo were at Big 3 East. Many of you may have come across ZQI Ammo at Walmart. Walmart has been selling ZQI Ammo below cost, and so that relationship has ceased, according to ZQI Ammo.

    ZQI walmart


    All ZQI Ammo is made to NATO and STANAG specifcations. Due to Walmart’s low prices, some believe the low price reflects the quality. This is not the case. The ammo hat tZQI is offering is military grade ammo. It passes all of NATO specs, even storage. You can store this ammo in a cave for 20 years and it will still work. (Their words, not mine)


    I grabbed a few boxes on 9mm and ran them in my STI Steelmaster race gun. They ran great.


    My friend John Rodriguez has been testing out their ammo as well. This is not match grade ammo but it has been working better than expected.

    ZQI 556

    ZQI 556 2 ZQI 556 3

    ZQI ammo is available on their website. You can also get them from Lucky Gunner.


    Zenith Firearms, a sister company to ZQI, brought out their line of Turkish imported firearms.

    Below is their Z5P pistol. It resembles a famous German roller lock design.



    Two styles of Turkish shotguns.



    A range of pistols by Girsan and Tisas. You can check out their selection on their website. There are 1911 style, Beretta 92FS style, and a polymer striker fire that is similar in design to the M&P pistol.


    Zenith even brought out their big boy Bora-12.



    Here is a video shooting the 5.56 roller lock pistol.


    The hicap magazine has some interesting markings on it.  Yes, that is an airplane.


    The roller lock guns are about $1500+. The Girsan and Tisas pistols are about $500 on average. The Turkish shotguns are $500-$650.

    Zenith and ZQI has some really good quality products and great guys running the show. They were a pleasure to talk with and were eager to help with ammo and any questions we had.