Springfield Armory Unveils SA16-A2 Retro Rifle

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Springfield Armory has a new (and yet old?) rifle, the SA16-A2. As you can probably tell, it is a clone of the venerable M16A2 rifle. It even includes the proper integral carry handle.

Retro Guns @ TFB:

While this rifle is a bit of a surprise, it really shouldn’t be given the history of Springfield Armory. The modern company is probably best known for its M1A series, which is based on the M-14. Springfield has also imported G3 and FAL-pattern rifles in the past, and currently imports the Czech VHS-2 as the “Hellion.” One more note: the new SA16-A2 is not part of the Saint family of rifles. It’s just called the SA16-A2.

Check out that classic Springfield Armory roll mark (image credit Springfield Armory)
(image credit Springfield Armory)
(image credit Springfield Armory)


  • Barrel: 4150, chrome lined
  • Gas System: rifle-length
  • Stock: A2 fixed
  • Magazine: 30-round Duramag aluminum
  • MSRP: $1,249

But the story doesn’t end there. Springfield Armory sent out an SA16-A2 for me to review, so I have one on hand to show you. I am an unabashed lover of carry handles and anything with an A2 upper in general, so this gun is right up my alley. I also have 1,000 rounds on hand earmarked for this review. That will take a little time to work through, but the initial couple of magazines have me excited to shoot up the rest of it. Check back soon for that full review, and feel free to drop a comment with anything you want me to look at in the review.

From the manufacturer:

The SA-16A2 by Springfield Armory® melds classic rifle design with modern performance. With meticulous craftsmanship and iconic features like the fixed stock and carry handle, it resonates with military history enthusiasts. Reflecting heritage through its A2 front sight tower, this rifle embodies Springfield Armory’s dedication to blending tradition and innovation for both seasoned marksmen and collectors.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Frootastico Frootastico on May 01, 2024

    "property of us govt". Aka please confiscate

    • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on May 02, 2024

      @Frootastico Probably the most redundant markings to ever exist in retrospect. Most surplused material never got that rollmark stricken off. Neither are FMS rifles from DOD surpluses.

  • Paul Barnes Paul Barnes on May 04, 2024

    This a couple of months after Bushmaster re-introduced their A2 lineup.