[Big 3 East] Wolf Ammo Is Bringing Us A Type 91 Upper

    Wolf Performance Ammunition is bringing in Type 91 uppers and completing them with US made barrels. The Type 91 is the standard issue service rifle for the Taiwanese Army. It is gas piston operated but lacks a forward assist and brass deflector.

    According to Steve of Wolf Ammo, the upper will retail for $599 with a carry handle rear sight. They are calling it the WolfA1. I think it should be called the Wolf91 since it is a Type 91.


    Steve presenting the WolfA1 upper at Big 3.


    Notice the lack of side serrations because there is no forward assist.

    IMG_6279 IMG_6305 IMG_6307


    The gas piston is easily removable with a half twist of the retaining bolt in the side of the gas block.



    I got to test fire the WolfA1 upper and while it works well, I was curious if it is full auto capable. Steve did not know if it was, so I asked Palmetto State (who were next to us on the shooting line) if they had a full auto lower. They did and were kind enough to lend it to us to test the Wolf A1. It is full auto capable. I like being able to assist in the testing if something is full auto or not. It is for science yes, science.



    Besides the Type 91 upper, Wolf is making a 6.5 Grendel upper and it will retail for $400. Yes it is full auto compatible as well. Although it is not as fun as shooting the Type 91 upper.

    Wolf is also going to sell .300 BLK primed cases and they should cost around $0.16 per casing. They have successfully been able to sell 6.5 Grendel as low as $6 a box. And they are going to be bringing in a .303 British round that is a bimetal copper/steel cased.

    I am looking forward to the Type 91 as I want to make a semi auto replica of the Taiwanese issued service rifle.

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