POTD: Original Remington Model 1875 via. Egypt

    Roy sent us these photos of his original Remington Model 1987 Single Action Army that were part of the order delivered to Egypt in the late 1800s. Apparently not many of the 10,000 revolvers ordered by Egypt were actually manufactured. This was because Egypt, or more specially the Khedivate of Egypt, an autonomous state in the Ottoman Empire, had an outstanding debt to Remington for the purchase of Remington Rolling Block rifles chambered in .43 Egyptian.


    Roy wrote …

    … you said that you like single action revolvers, so you might like to see these two photographs. They are of my original M75 in .44 Remington – from the Egyptian contract. The revolver has a grey patina, but the blue background makes it look white and the white background makes it look blue.

    Thanks Roy. That is a nice piece of history you have there!