POTD: The Auto-5 Sisters, One Father, Three Mothers

    John Browning designed the Browning Auto-5 shotgun in the late 1800s and patented it in 1900. It featured a unique long recoil action never seen before where the barrel is free to recoil rearwards inside the action. I always enjoy watching a Auto-5 being fired and seeing the barrel recoil back.

    The Auto-5 was first manufactured by FN Herstal Belgium in 1902. The design was licensed to Remington in 1905 who manufactured it as the Remington Model 11. Savage Arms licensed the design in 1930 and called it the Model 720 and later the Model 745.

    This is the first time I have seen all three licensed versions of the shotgun in one photo.

    Aside from the licensed copies, the design was adapted by a number of companies after the patents expired. One such example was the Franchi AL-48.

    Many thanks to Mike for sharing this unique photo.