9mm ZQI Ammunition Out Of Battery Firing (kB)!

    An unfortunate poster over at AR15.com had a dramatic out of battery firing with his 9mm AR pistol this week. While it’s not clear that the ammunition is to blame, it certainly is a possibility. Regardless, this is probably the worst out-of-battery firing I have seen in a while:

    Took the newest build out today for some fun. I had 100 rounds of fiocchi down the pipe already, and put another 100 right on everything I was pointing at.

    Then I swithced to the ZQ stuff I bought a few months back when walmart had it on sale.
    first round.

    The culprit.

    After cleaning out the brass dust, it seems like the gun is ok.

    It started as such a good trip..


    For whatever reason, I’ve found that out-of-battery firings with pistol-caliber carbines (which – technically speaking – this was not) are not that uncommon. I’ve seen a good number of them happen in person – in one caseĀ as a repeatable malfunction that happened to a weapon I owned (naturally, it quickly got sent back to the manufacturer). However, I’ve never seen an out-of-battery firing with a rifle-caliber carbine (though that doesn’t mean they don’t happen!).

    Fortunately, in this case, nobody was hurt, and the gun survived, too.
    Stay safe, folks.

    Nathaniel F

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