POTD: Low cost long range

    Frequent TFB commenter JNZ emailed us a photo of his new long range rifle that he will be using over the winter while a fully custom rifle is built for him. It is a Tikka T3 CTR in .308 topped off with a Leupold Mark6 TMR scope and Surefire Socom 762-RC suppressor. He writes …

    Long range ain’t cheap but this was such a good deal for the performance. Action and trigger are amazing for the price they ask.

    I have long been a fan of the Tikka T3 rifles. I own and use one chambered in 7mm-08 with a suppressor. The price:performance ratio of these guns are amazing. The Tikka T3 CTR is a new long range tactical model introduced earlier this year. I am embarrassed to admit I only learn’t of its existence when JNZ sent us his photo. I hope to review it here on TFB in the near future.