Archive: February, 2014

Paradigm GATOR Shotgun Spreader

Paradigm has made a modern recreation of the Duckbill shotgun spreader used by the US Navy SEALs back in the Vietnam War. Re-engineered to be much stronger than the original Duckbill, the GATOR Shotgun Spreader spreads the shot into a narrow horizontal pattern making [Read More…]

Ammo Shortage Continues reports on the shortage of ammunition in South Dakotan gun stores … The explanations for the shortage differ. At a gun show over the weekend at the Ramkota Hotel, a couple of hunters said they believe ammo manufacturers are producing as much as [Read More…]

Advanced Tactical SOC Helix Explorer

Merkel RX Helix Explorer

New for 2014 is the RX Helix Explorer from Merkel.  Like the original RX Helix, the Explorer is a straight pull bolt design that is said to be extremely fast.  The new Explorer is designed to be more resistant to the elements when outdoors with a synthetic stock and [Read More…]


Korth Photos from SHOT Show

          We thoroughly enjoyed shooting, handling and just plain admiring the beautiful Korth-Waffen pistols and revolvers at SHOT Show. Here are some more photos from the show taken by, and copyright, Bryan Jones.  

MPAR 6.8 Camo