Paradigm GATOR Shotgun Spreader

    Paradigm has made a modern recreation of the Duckbill shotgun spreader used by the US Navy SEALs back in the Vietnam War. Re-engineered to be much stronger than the original Duckbill, the GATOR Shotgun Spreader spreads the shot into a narrow horizontal pattern making your shotgun much more effective in close quarter combat situations. It spreads the shot up to 6 feet at around 12 yards and also helps in reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. The GATOR works best with #4 lead buckshot and is easily installed on any shotgun that’s equipped with a choke. Paradigm doesn’t recommend 00 buckshot but it could still be used in a pinch. Steel shot and slugs should never be used with the GATOR however. They retail for $199 and are available at Check it out in action below.

    Ray I.

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