AR-15 FirearmLock – Keyed Magazine Well Safety Device

    Also seen at SHOT 2014 was the new AR15 Magazine Lock by Franzen International. Many of you are familiar with Franzen, as the company has been manufacturing firearms safety locks for years.

    The Magazine Lock is inserted into the magazine well of your favorite AR-style rifle. The relatively unobtrusive red plastic block renders the weapon safe and impossible to use until removed, locking the two receivers together. Compared to trigger locks, the Magazine Lock does not allow anyone to insert a magazine or chamber a round, which an improperly set up trigger lock could fire.

    When not in use, the keys to the Magazine Lock cannot be removed unless the unit is in the locked position.

    AR 15 Magazin lock..

    Franzen lists the following features as part of the Magazine Lock system:

    • Locks upper & lower receiver together
    • Protection against burglary
    • Protection against unauthorized use
    • Visual check for empty chamber
    • Gasket to prevent dust and ensure cleanliness
    • Improved transportation safety
    Nathan S

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