Breaking News: Remington 2020: Digital Scopes Go Mainstream

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Right out of left field, with no fanfare, no press releases, nothing, Remington has launched a website dedicated to their as yet unannounced Remington 2020 scope that has been developed in collaboration with Tracking Point.

The Remington 2020 is similar, both in software and hardware, to the Tracking Point system, but one major different is that the Remington 2020 is not connected to the trigger. Instead of releasing/unlocking the trigger at the exact moment the shot should be taken, the Remington 2020 simply gives the shooter a visual alert to pull the trigger. While the Tracking Point system has a range of 1,200 yards, the Remington 2020 can only provide targeting assistance out to 500 yards (although it should be noted that the laser range finding functionality will work out to 750 yards). The scope has a 3-21x magnification.

Along with environmental factors (Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Incline/Decline, Cant, Air Density, Magnus Effect Drift, Target Movement, Coriolis Effect Drift), the Remington 2020 factors in the specific rifle characteristics (Barrel Twist and Direction, Lock Time, Ignition Time and Barrel Time) and ammunition characteristics (Drop, Wind Drift, Spin Drift., Muzzle Velocity). While this should give accurate results, it does means that the scope is coupled to the specific rifle and ammunition combinations that Remington has developed 3D flight models for. At launch there will be three scope/rifle combinations available for purchase. There is one Bushmaster AR-15 chambered in .223, a short action Model 700 chambered in .308 Win. and a long action Model 700 chambered in .30-06. Each of these rifles is matched to two Remington loads and one Barnes load.

Bushmaster Varminter .223 Remington
Model 700(TM) SPS(TM) Tactical Short Action 308 Win.
Model 700(TM) Long Range (LR) Long Action 30-06 Sprg

The Remington 2020 app has been in the Apple App store since 20 September. It connects to the sope over wifi and allows an iPad or iPhone to modify the scope settings, such the size of an acceptable kill zone, and to allow other people to see what the shooter is seeing.

Remington 2020 App

The scope also features video recording (including sound), so hunters can record and share their kill shots. Expect animal rights activists to go ballistic when these videos start hitting YouTube.

Remington has always been willing to try something a cutting edge. Hunters laughed at Remington when they introduced the Remington Model 700 Etronx. Who, they asked, would want a rifle that required batteries to operated? If Remington had not abandoned the concept I believe every large hunting rifle manufacturer would be making at least one electronic firing rifle. I know Tracking Point is in the digital scope game for the long term, I just wonder if Remington is as well.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mike fint Mike fint on Jan 13, 2014

    I like the idea, I think it would be a great piece to anybody's hunting gear but, you could get a Bors system and a Nightforce and put on any gun you want. Why buy something that is only available for 3 calibers, and the Nightforce/Bors combo is still cheaper.

  • SafeArmsReview SafeArmsReview on Jun 16, 2014

    Yea high tech is here to stay - this is just the beginning. I got a special invite from TrackingPoint to try out the PGF (precision guided firearm) and my daughter also got to shoot it here...

    As a lot of people pointed out its a big scope but that will also change in time to smaller and lighter scopes. Its amazing tech indeed.

    With that said I still like the old fashioned way but I think we will see more and more stuff like this hitting the consumer market.