Thales GLOW (Green Light Optical Warner)

    The bulky device mounted underneath a shotgun in a photo I posted earlier this week was correctly identified by swilliams and Lionel as the Thales GLOW (Green Light Optical Warner), a picatinny mounted laser dazzler.

    Thales says

    GLOW is a gun-mounted laser warner which uses an intense green light to warn personnel approaching peacekeeping forces that they are under suspicion and should not approach further. GLOW can be gun mounted using a Picatinney Rail, operated remotely or used hand-held with a pistol grip or stock.

    GLOW is an additional step in Force Escalation, aiding the determination of intent and it can be further used to degrade the ability of the aggressor to take offensive action.

    GLOW features a choice of narrow or wide beams: Wide for use at close quarters in the urban scenario, or a Narrow beam for longer range. In both modes the beam can be pulsed to give a higher level of warning.

    Steve Johnson

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