Kicking Ass From The Air

    The daily mail published photos of a Royal Air Force aerial security team deployed in London for the Olympics. The rifle is the British standard Accuracy International L115A .338 LM sniper rifle, resting on a nifty swivel mount.

    The Benelli M4 shotgun, equipped with a EOTech holographic sight, is very interesting choice for aerial operations in a densely populated city. Mounted underneath the shotgun is what must be either a long range laser sight or a non-lethal laser dazzler. Can anyone identify the device? I would love to know what ammunition the shotgunners are packing, it must be a type of long range slug.

    17,000 servicemen and woman from all branches of the MoD will be descending upon London during the Olympics (for comparison purposes, the British deployed 14,000 troops during the Korean War). I think it is safe to say London won’t be invaded between 27 July and 12 August, aerial shotgunners or not.

    [ Many thanks to Jimflat6 for emailing us the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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