Not-as-lethal ammunition for Taurus Judge

    The .410 shotshell chambered Taurus Judge has created a niche in the ammunition market for defensive .410 ammunition. The Home Defender ammunition from Lightfield Less Lethal packs three rubber buckshot into a .410 shotshell. The company is selling this as less-likely-to-kill than regular ammunition but told me that under no circumstance could this be considered less-lethal.

    So why would you want it? This is what they company representative told me

    Our main premise for this line was giving shooters a choice. For example,a Taurus Judge loaded w/ 2 rubber buck followed by 3 lead loads gives the shooter a chance to send a painful warning. If those warnings are not heeded, then you have shown the intruders intention if the lead comes into play.

    Steve Johnson

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