Call of Duty Effect #2

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I was checking out my blog statistics and noticed that the Bushmaster ACR is no longer the biggest search term used to find The Firearm Blog. The current champion is the HK416. Why? It is featured on the game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which was launched a few weeks ago. In the game it is called the M416 and has a standard M4 style stock, not the distinctive HK416 clubfoot stock, and oddly it appears to be a lefty version (ejection port is on the left side).

BF:BC2′s M416 rifle

A close second in my search statistics is the Taurus Circuit Judge. Can anyone explain why this gun is generating so much interest?

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Stig pedersen Stig pedersen on Jan 20, 2011

    "oddly it appears to be a lefty version (ejection port is on the left side)."

    Its pretty usual to mirror weapons in videogames. The reason why is that the ejection port will then be visible to the player (weapons are on the right side of the screen in an fps), thus the shooting becomes a more interesting visual experience.

  • JryOnly JryOnly on Jun 29, 2011

    I play games and build/shoot guns in real life. 416 is over rated IMO it gets fueled by games and tv shows. Personally I think a piston driven rifle should be designed as such from the get go and not crammed into a platform not designed for it. Abou helping and teaching youngsters about firearms after seeing them in games sounds good I. Theory but most of them already "know everything" and are quick to call one a fag or a bitch as opposed to actually learn from someone with experience.