Call of Duty Effect

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A while back I was surprised to see searches for the “Bushmaster ACR” rising to the top of the list of search engine terms used to find The Firearm Blog on search engines. Over the past month it it has risen to the top search term.

I was surprised because compared to the AKs, M4s and Glocks of the world, the ACR is relatively unknown outside of the industry. I finally realized why this is: the gun is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, which was launched last month.

Bushmaster ACR with the mythical heart beat sensor.

Have any other bloggers noticed the call of duty effect?

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • George George on Jan 26, 2011

    Most of my friends only know about/got into guns when they started playing MW2. It's a fun game, but it's not realistic, so what kids are seeing in this game is basically what their idea of the army is. I will admit, I got into guns when i played CoD, and most of my friends did too, but apparently they're too stupid to know that in real life, you don't run around the place with custom classes mostlyusing unrealistic guns and attachments. Only one of them has become somewhat of a troll, but I jst hope they don't start pretending their pencils are throwing knives, or that their plastic butter knife at lunch is a K-Bar.

  • A.J. Blue A.J. Blue on Apr 04, 2012

    I see it all the time here. Some of my friends (Who actually have real knowledge of guns, and more or less live in the shooting range) laugh it off, but I try to argue, like that works against a 14 year old with more Horomones than brain cells.
    For instance, trying to tell them the Desert Eagle is far from the badass killing machine they think it is like fighting a brick wall.
    They're relatively nice, if only they would look up what the gun ACTUALLY is instead of shooting it virtually.