The C-MORE M26 may be available to civilians

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

An interesting piece of intel I picked up at SHOT was that C-MORE are considering civilian sales of their M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System.

I love this photo. M26 Pistol (top), Standalone version (middle), M4 underslung version (bottom)

The pistol and underslung version would have NFA requirements (destructive devices AOW or Short Barreled Shotgun) but the standalone “carbine” would be civilian legal without any paperwork if the barrel was extended to 18″.

The M26 is a breaching tool and not designed as an anti-personnel weapon. It was chosen by the US military over the KAC Masterkey and Remington MCS Accessory Weapon, both of which use the Remington Model 870 shotgun as a base. The M26 distributes its weight further back compared with the 870 and so it feels lighter.

Remington Model 870 MCS Accessory Weapon
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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