M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System Photos and Video

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System is a straight pull bolt action shotgun that can be used standalone or fitted to an M16 or M4. It is designed to fire lethal, non-lethal and breaching rounds.

Military.com were not fond of the action when they recently tried it:

That’s all well and good, but I found the cocking mechanism to be clunky and inefficient. Instead of an under-barrel pump-gun style action, a metal bar attached to the bolt extends out to the side, forcing the shooter to transition his hand position to load another round into the breach … I wasn’t the only one with that complaint.

38,000 MASS’s are going to be fielded in late 2008 to replace the Mossberg 12 gauge pump action shotguns.

Specs of the XM26, the M26 may have changed slightly:

* Caliber: 12 gauge
* Operation: Straight pull bolt-action.
* Capacity: 5 round detachable magazine.
* Ammunition: 2.75 and 3 in lethal, less-lethal and breaching rounds.
* Barrel length: 7.75 in (197 mm) with integral breaching stand-off adapter.
* Under-barrel version:
* Overall length: 16.5 in (419 mm)
* Weight: 2 lb 11 oz (1.22 kg)
* Stand-alone version:
* Overall length: 24 in (610 mm) (stock collapsed)
* Weight: 4 lb 3 oz (3.80 kg)
The standalone configuration:

Some more photos. Click to increase the size of each photo.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Winston Buie Winston Buie on Mar 18, 2013

    well i like to have all my options

  • Michael Walls Michael Walls on May 20, 2014

    As a urban defense weapon (cessation of order) the stand alone version would be far superior to an assault rifle and be secondary only to my full 18" Remington 870 as a 'sneaker' - I want one!!