Beretta's new Model 92A1 and 96A1 pistols

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The 9mm Beretta 92FS and 96 have been updated for 2010. The new 92A1 and 96A1 feature

The .40 S&W Model 96A1
  • Higher capacity magazines (17 rounds for 92A1 and 12 rounds for 96A1). They are still compatible with older magazines.
  • Picatinny rail.
  • Rounded trigger guard.
  • Removable front sight.
  • Captive recoil assembly. Less chance of losing springs!
  • Recoil buffer (96A1 only).
Recoil assembly.

The A1 line does not replace the older models, but will be offered alongside them.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • BerettaFan BerettaFan on Apr 04, 2012

    Has anyone complaining about the plastic guiderod bothered to do a quick internet search? Steve Bedair (Bedair machine works) makes stainless guiderods (and has for quite some time now) for a very reasonable price (45 bucks shipped), but you have to send your factory guiderod/spring assembly to him. He offers them in a couple different styles and makes them for all kinds of different guns- if the plastic one bothers you that much, contact Steve and get a stainless one. Easy.

  • DS DS on May 05, 2012

    Does anyone know if the metal spring guide / recoil spring of the 92FS is interchangeable with the 96A1? I tried it and it fits, but do not want to attempt to fire the weapon without consulting others.