Beretta Launches New APX A1 Full Size Pistol

Matthew Moss
by Matthew Moss
Lynda Turnbull with the new Beretta APX A1 (Beretta)

Beretta have unveiled their newest pistol, the APX A1 FS, evolving their APX platform and making some important improvements including new slide serrations, new trigger and springs, an MRDS optics cut and improved ergonomics. The APX A1 full size follows the APX A1 Carry which was introduced in October 2021.

Our very own James Reeves visited Beretta HQ in Italy to speak to Beretta COO Carlo Ferlito and the APX A1’s designer Giovanni Prandini (who explains the changes and new features of the pistol and the process behind them) about the new pistol – a TFBtv video not to be missed!

New Beretta APX A1 (Beretta)

Beretta @ TFB:

Beretta APX A1 with Burris Fastfire (Beretta)
New Beretta APX A1 stripped (Beretta)

Here’s what Beretta have to say about the new APX A1:

Beretta is pleased to announce the launch of a new family of semi-automatic pistols – the APX A1 – the next evolution of striker-fired pistols made by the longest-standing name in firearms. Built on the heritage of the original APX platform that passed MHS testing for the US Army, the APX A1 delivers a crisp, class-dominating trigger, improved ergonomics, aggressive slide serrations, and MRDS Optics cuts right out of the box.

The ultimate convergence of form, function, and fortitude, the Beretta APX A1 takes the proven ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy of the APX family and delivers a superior firing solution – from the casual shooter to the most demanding professionals in the world.

“Building on Beretta’s knowledge and history of performance, the APX A1 offers the most competitive feature set available today on the market,” Nicola Lorenzi, Pistol Product Manager, said. “The APX A1 takes the proven ergonomics and reliability of the APX family to the next level with integrated features derived from feedback from military, law enforcement, and tactical shooters. It aims for the highest levels in performance, safety, and quality to operate for any shooter in the field.”

Main Features:

·Best-In-Class Trigger
·Serrated Combat Trigger Guard
·Tritium Front Sight w/ White Outline
·Red Dot Optic-Ready Slide
·Aggressive Slide Serrations
·Extended Beaver Tail
·Ambidextrous Slide Release
·Reversible Mag Release (left or right
·Straight Grip Profile
·Multiple Backstrap Sizes Included in the Box

A crisp, class-dominating trigger features a light pull, clean break, and a short reset for fast target engagements.

The red dot optic-ready slide lets you easily install a wide range of optics to your training or home defense setup for quicker target acquisition when it matters most.

Aggressive slide serrations let you rack, and press check even in extreme conditions. The Aquatech Shield coating improves corrosion and chemical resistance, while the black serrated rear sight and tritium front sight gives the perfect sight picture in any lighting conditions.

Ambidextrous controls are configurable for right or left-handed shooters, with both the slide and mag release able to be easily set up depending on the shooter’s needs. The 360-degree extended textures are right where your hands use the greatest amount of pressure, and enhanced texturing gives you a more consistent grip every time.

The new APX A1 features improved ergonomics including a higher undercut trigger guard, an enhanced beaver tail, and modular grip panels for the length of pull and palm-swell customization. All these features help maximize surface contact and achieve a higher-tang grip for a more natural shooting position and better recoil control.

The modular frame comes with three interchangeable backstraps so it can contour to the hands of any shooter in minutes for a better feel, and greater recoil management.

New Beretta APX A1 with Steiner MPS (Beretta)
New Beretta APX A1 (Beretta)

The full size Beretta APX A1 is now available for purchase in 10, 15, and 17-round magazine capacities and retails for an MSRP of $529. The APX A1 will be debuting at the upcoming 2022 NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, TX on May 27-29, 2022. Find out more at

Matthew Moss
Matthew Moss

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  • LCON LCON on May 19, 2022

    When Glock makes Berettas or Beretta makes glocks?

  • Hacedeca Hacedeca on May 20, 2022

    It looks more like a SIG P320 than a Glock. What I mean: a lot of moving mass above the hands. The Glock leaves a much slicker impression. I wonder what if any the weight difference of slide and barrel to a Glock is....