Taurus Mod 94 Factory Error

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Taurus USA import many of thier guns from their Brazilian parent company. Because the BATFE has rules regarding size of imported guns, the company imports the Mod 94 .22 LR revolver with 3″ barrels and cuts them down to 2″. This funky revolver is a fully functional factory error.

It is being sold by Ocala Armory for $500.

Hat Tip: Pistol Training via. SayUncle

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jonathan L. Jonathan L. on Dec 14, 2009

    We had a Raging Bull .454 Casull come through work like that. We couldn't figure out what it was but it sold.

    • Steve Steve on Dec 14, 2009

      @Jonathan L. Jonathan, ahhh, I wish you had taken a photo!

  • T T on Feb 05, 2014

    I just bought a 905 blued with a shiny one inch barrel sticking out- exactly like that one. the dork who sold it to me for $250 bought it at a gun show for $250 - he said they had accuracy issues with the short barrels- hence the extra length. I almost laughed in his face. I'm going with the fake silencer idea