RUK AK Magazine Adapter Brings Combloc Mags To Ruger American

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

The new RUK AK magazine adapter from Occam Defense brings standard AK mags to the Ruger American bolt-action rifle. Rather than the standard Mini-30 mags, which can be expensive and hard to find, AK mags practically grow on trees and tend to be more affordable (as long as you aren’t buying rare ones). Let’s check it out.

AKs @ TFB:

The RUK AK fits Ruger American rifles chambered for 7.62×39 or 6.5 Grendel. Occam Defense offers two magazine latch options with the RUK AK. The model with a standard stamped AKM mag latch retails for $199, and the version with the “Billet Fatbottom” latch costs $259. Both models are user-installed without gunsmithing, but shim fitting is required.

From the manufacturer:

The Ruger™ AMERICAN bolt guns in 7.62X39 and 6.5 Grendel are fantastic ranch and prepper rifles, and also are good self defense solutions for those behind enemy lines in ban states. Unfortunately they take a proprietary magazine that doesn’t have many fans. Enter the RUK magwell. This 100% MADE IN USA billet badassery enables the user to use MOST AK mags with the RUGER™ AMERICAN. There’s a small amount of shim-fitting (you don’t cut anything) to be done, but installation will be cake for most users and most mags.

The body of the magwell is TYPE III billet 6061 aluminium (yes, “alumin-eeum”), with American spring and axis pin. The mag catch is orderable in a standard stamped American version or our oh-so-grippable FATBOTTOM billet 4140 extended catch.

FINE PRINT- You can either set up the magwell to run MAGPUL™ mags or (almost) everything else. AK mags are made in a ton of countries, and some are better than others at being “normal”. The shim-fitting consists of adding shims (washers) until you get good operation with your selection. If you know “right-tighty, lefty-loosie” you can do this install.

All images from Occam Defense Solutions

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Banx Ben Banx Ben on May 29, 2024

    I called ruger and bought the AR mag coupler and now I run AR style 7.62x39 mags. Have not had a single issue

  • Dedischado Dedischado on May 29, 2024

    Can they make a Mini-30 take AK mags? I'd be interested.

    • Benzo-Kazooie Benzo-Kazooie on May 30, 2024

      @Dedischado Would immediately buy a Mini-30 if some 3rd party made a similar adapter or offered a milling service to modify the receiver to take AK mags.

      If the Chinese were able to modify SKSs to take AK mags, we should be able to do the same with the Mini-30