The Saga of the Nigerian Shotgun [ Part 3 ]

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

[ I recently posted a request for advice on behalf of Y-Man. He listened to the advice and made the following modifications to his shotgun. You can read the previous article in The Saga of the Nigerian Shotgun series here. This is a guest post was written by Y-Man. ]

If you have been reading the blog over the past year you will have seen the incredible ingenuity he has demonstrated in Nigeria, where there exist severe restrictions on guns and ammunition. His previous exploits include Turning Birdshot into Slugs for Self-Defense and Fabricating a Shotgun Stock. ]

I ended up just going back to the basics: and worked on the Pistol-grip. I did not know it was made of a thick plastic that could be drilled, sawed, filed and even melted in some parts to fit.

  1. I simplified everything: I just drilled a through hole in the pistol-grip, and filed the edges.
  1. Through-hole was about 5mm in diameter.

  2. I then got a strong “Y” Bracket made: out of strong but springy steel. I had nuts welded to hold the stock.

  1. See the fitting of the bracket to the pistol grip: aligned with the through hole.
  1. I put a bolt through to hold bracket, and used spring- washers to hold it. Then fastened grip to Shotgun.
  1. Screw Stock to nut onto Y bracket. Note the lower bolt is on nut welded to the regular bolt that comes with the shotgun: the one that fixes the pistol grip (Or stock) to the receiver. I put a bolt there so that the Y-Bracket rests on top, and using a Zip tie: stops the Y-bracket (And Stock) from swinging or flexing upwards.

  2. “Perfect” fit. Stock fits. Will later need a reduction in LOP: it’s about 15” right now.

  1. Y-man’s “Top folder” below (Just kidding: I definitely would NEVER fire it like this: I would get a mouthful of felt!)

Thanks, ALL of you who guided me there: I will update you when I do some firing this weekend.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Theotherryan Theotherryan on Nov 27, 2009

    This makes me so grateful that I am from a wonderful country where I can just whip out my debit card and either go to a gun shop or hop onto Brownells and order any sort of stock you could think of. Even now in Europe I can take my debit card and just have stuff sent to the warehouse where my stuff resides currently.

  • Subby Subby on Nov 27, 2009

    If he was making a buttstock out of beeswax, twigs and leaves it would be more impressive.