Engineers and experts: Y-Man needs you advice

    Our Nigerian friend needs some advice (If you have not read his latest guest blog post, it is here) …

    I need your advice; and maybe you could ask a few friends. Remember that Mossberg 500A 12-gauge I got? Well, it came PGO (Again! Do they have something against regular stocks in Nigeria?!) Well, you know me: I have a restless mind, and restless hands (And some money to burn occasionally!) so I did some fabrication/ modification.

    I kept it simple this time: I welded an “L-shaped” wire-type stock (Made out of a strong, springy steel rod derived from a screwdriver.) to the steel bolt that fastens the grip to the receiver. Once I tightened the bolt as normal to the shotgun grip: it was good to go. (See picture attached.)

    My worry is this: I’m no engineer, but wouldn’t this put some stress on the bolt-hole of the receiver? Might repeated firing cause the Shotgun receiver to possibly fracture and even crack? Normally: the stress of recoil/ impact of firing taken by the stock (Or PG) is spread on the flat end of the receiver (Where the stock or PG contacts the receiver.) but my modification puts all the impact at the point where the bolt screws in.

    • I haven’t tested my modification yet, but am I setting myself up for a cracked receiver? (Or worse?)

    • Is my angle of the stock okay? It is straight along the “line of recoil”, it should be okay… What do you think?

    • LOP is about 11 inches: and this is comfortable. But is it okay?

    • No cheek-weld at all. I guess I’ll have to live with that.

    Anyone know if the stress on the receiver during recoil could cause problems?

    I am sure the length of pull will be fine as long as it is comfortable.

    Steve Johnson

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