My SHOT Show predictions: I suck

    A few days before SHOT I made seven predictions on what would and would not be launched at SHOT. SayUncle agreed to take on the prestigious role of unbiased judge and has given me my score:

    1. Ruger will not launch an AR-15. Correct

    2. A new cartridge will be unveiled. FAIL (a new cartridge was launched just before SHOT but it is not yet a production cartridge)

    3. A non-autoloader rifle will chamber the .30 Remington AR (.30 RAR) cartridge. FAIL

    4. Magpul will demo some whizz-bang concept gun. FAIL

    5. Ruger LCP available in 9mm. FAIL

    7. A new bullpup bolt action rifle will be released. FAIL

    6. Ruger Mini-14 will get a minor upgrade but not what people where hoping for. FAIL

    8. A 4th Generation Glock, if launched, will not convince any 1911 fanboy that plastic is cool. Correct

    So that is a 2/8. Cerberus will not be employing me as a gun industry analyst anytime soon 😉

    I can’t believe Remington did not convince anyone, including their bolt-action rifle division, to chamber a rifle in .30 RAR – new cartridges sell rifles. Ruger dropped the ball by not launching a 9mm LCP. I will be saving my bullpup bolt rifle prediction for next year.

    Steve Johnson

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