My SHOW Show 2009 predictions

    I started this post a while ago and have been adding to it since. These are my predictions for SHOT Show 2009. Bear in mind that most manufactures have already showcased their 2009 product line which is why there are no predictions for most of the major manufactures.

    SayUncle, an unbiased fellow gun blogger, will score each of my personal predictions out of 10 after SHOT and I will publish my score.

    My own predictions

    1. Ruger will not launch an AR-15.
    Despite what I predicted a long time ago, I think Ruger have well and truly missed the boat on this one.

    2. A new cartridge will be unveiled.
    Always a good way to sell new firearms.

    3. A non-autoloader rifle will chamber the .30 Remington AR (.30 RAR) cartridge.
    Remington will want to push this cartridge.

    4. Magpul will demo some whizz-bang concept gun.
    Magpul … what more needs to be said.

    5. Ruger LCP available in 9mm.
    Makes sense.

    6. Ruger Mini-14 will get a minor upgrade but not what people where hoping for.
    They will fight tooth-and-nail to prevent the Mini-14 being named in the AWB 2.0. They want make it any more tactical than it is.

    7. A new bullpup bolt action rifle will be released.
    I have a feeling this year someone is going to push the concept mainstream. Regardless what you think of the idea, it will sell!

    8. A 4th Generation Glock, if launched, will not convince any 1911 fanboy that plastic is cool.
    heh, not a hard prediction.

    Non-Rumours (Basically confirmed)

    1. Ruger will release a “wow” product (says Michael Bane)

    2. An amazing new air gun will be unveiled (says B.B.)

    4. Taurus 4.6mm revolver (hereby referred to as the-most-pointless-revolver-ever-made) (says Michael Bane).

    If any other bloggers want to make predictions, I will be more than happy to “independently” score your predictions.

    Steve Johnson

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