Man survives 9mm head shot

    After being knocked to the ground with bean bag rounds the suspect went for his rifle on the other side of the basement at his Lakemore, Ohio home.

    After a SWAT Officers’ AR-15 jammed another offer fired two shots from his MP5 missing once and hitting the suspects skull on the next shot. The 9mm bullet bounced right off. reports

    Brandi Tice, 28, would never leave the Lakemore house. She died of a single gunshot wound to the head — a rifle shot that police say was fired by her estranged husband.

    About seven hours later, after keeping SWAT officers at bay with his 4-year-old son by his side, Daniel Tice was shot by police, struck by a 9 mm bullet that miraculously bounced off his forehead, sparing his life.

    Tice, 32, was to undergo surgery Friday for a fractured skull. He is expected to recover and be charged with murder.

    This is not an uncommon phenomena as the media make it out to be. Many hunters with high powered rifles have noticed the exact same thing. It is one of the reasons why head shots are not recommended for medium or large game.

    Saying all that, physics is a strange beast. Low powered round can be devastating.

    Thanks to Jay for the link.

    Steve Johnson

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