Who said .22's are not deadly?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I would never recommend hunting medium sized game with a .22 short but this just goes to show what a little 29 grain chunk of lead traveling at a measly 700-800 fps can do!

From RimfireCentral.com:

More pictures if you follow this link.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Conrad Conrad on Jun 01, 2009

    the scull is old and already decomposed, did you think its a fresh kill and the guy waited for it tO rot? old scull , new shot.

    dont get me wrong a .22short will penetrate a fresh scull. i shot at a truck tire with a standard velocity 40gr solid and it went through both sides on the traction sides, with steelbelt

  • Allen Allen on Jun 20, 2009

    I would like to see video confirmation on a standard velocity 40 grain .22 rimfire going through both treads of a steel radial truck tire. The hog skull is more believable. If I dropped and cleanly killed a 175# hog with a .22 CB, I would keep the skull, throw it in an ant bed, and hold on to it until, 'you know who' says 'you know what' about velocity/energy/ethics, and then I would calmly post proof. It almost seems as though there are at least two people on this bolg with a similar mind set, maybe just coincidence...