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Keltec CMR30 Draws Nearer

Oleg Volk posted a public release on According to Oleg, Keltec is ramping up for a massive release later this year. Supposedly several thousand will be released. Many of you and I have been waiting for the carbine version of the PMR30. Keltec changed the [Read More…]

00_PRODUCT LINEART TEMPLATE_MISC A comparison of the HCAR and original M1918 BAR. HCAR image from OOW and BAR from

Quake Industries: Stack-A-Rest

Quake Industries has released the Stack-A-Rest, a four-piece stack-able rest system for shooters. Weighing in at only 10 ounces, the rest system is designed to be easily carrier in a variety of situations interestingly, they rest system is designed to be used in [Read More…]

AR15-30C-2 IMG_3514 Capture