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McMillan Stocks Factory Tour

Who doesn’t know who McMillan is? After close to 5 decades of producing some of the best rifle stocks on the planet, it is kinda hard not to. We got the chance to take a tour of their manufacturing facility in Phonix recently to see exactly how they build stocks [Read More…]

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U.S made Soviet VSS Vintorez suppressed rifle

The Vintorez is a suppressed rifle currently in use by a number of Russian Special Operations units. It was used extensively in the Chechen conflict, in addition to popping up in Syria as well. It fires a special 9x39mm SP5 cartridge in addition to an armored piercing [Read More…]


Curious case of Mad Bull Airsoft in Iraq

If you looked at this photograph and thought to yourself, “This looks like a 40x46mm Low Velocity grenade launcher, but it is unlike any launcher currently used by any Military/LE force”, then you’d be halfway to a solid conclusion. However if you are [Read More…]

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[Red Oktober 2016] A Kalashnikov themed Competition

Red Oktober is an entirely Kalashnikov themed competition that took place at Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range in St. George, Utah. It was primarily by Rifle Dynamics, along with a number of other industry sponsors that all pitched in to really support the two day [Read More…]


[Red Oktober 2016] Dead Air Armament, Rack Grade Ready Cans

Dead Air Armament is a Utah based company that makes a number of suppressors for a variety of platforms to include rifles, handguns, and shotguns. We’re written some posts about the company but haven’t been able to get this in-depth with one of their [Read More…]