Optimus Arms Acquires Hexmag, Sentry Solutions

Zac K
by Zac K
Hexmag has been bought by Optimus Arms, which is itself a division of Point One USA. Their whole product line is moving over, as well as the Sentry Solutions product line. (Point One)

Virginia-based Optimus Arms is growing—they’ve recently announced the acquisition of Hexmag and Sentry Solutions from Sentry Products. In turn, that means Optimus Arms is now going to form a new company from these pieces called Hexmag USA LLC.

It looks like the plan, at first, is to basically continue with the same products that Hexmag and Sentry Solutions were previously building. That includes a wide range of firearms accessories, including Hexmag’s AR-10 and AR-15 magazine lineup; a variety of optics covers for everything from scopes to holo sights to binoculars; firearms covers, including barrel boots and similar fabric cases; plate carriers and vests; firearms grips; holsters; tactical belts; ammo, grenade or accessory pouches; and gun cleaning and lubrication products. The PR specifically mentions Sentry Solutions dry lube products for both firearms and knives.

Hexmag's product lineup is already much broader than just magazines but expect there to be even more in the months to come. (Hexmag)

It’s all part of a growth plan for Point One USA, the defense contractor that owns Optimus Arms. Point One provides training and products (like Optimus’ custom-built firearms, as well as optics and other accessories) to law enforcement and other government and defense agencies. With the purchase of Hexmag and Sentry Solutions, they now have the option to grow their offerings even further.

“This partnership is an opportunity for Point One and one of our commercial divisions to expand the Hexmag brand within the commercial firearms industry, as well as expand our ability to provide the best possible products, training and equipment to the warfighter and law enforcement personnel who put their lives on the line daily to protect Americans and keep America safe,” Point One’s CEO/founder Bob Brush says in Point One’s PR.

Terry Naughton, president of the Sentry Products Group said the same thing:

“We have had a relationship with Point One for several years supplying sewn goods, and have seen their expansion with Optimus Arms USA,” he said in the press release. “They have excellent reach across a much broader audience globally, including military, law enforcement, and other government agencies, and I believe establishing Hexmag USA in this structure will provide the resources and relationships necessary to help grow the Hexmag product lines within the shooting, hunting, and outdoor sporting segments.”

So maybe there will be changes in the months to come, with the product line growing. But for now, Hexmag says they plan to continue business as usual, even as they move to Point One’s Virginia Beach base of operations.

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  • Frank Frank on Feb 02, 2024

    I wonder who actually buys hex mags. Pmags cost about the same or at most $1-2 more a mag. It for the ignorant shooter who doesn't know what a decent mag is? How can you sustain a market on that?

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    • @Link Hexmag are terrible. Had two disintegrate into their base components just from seating them. They came with my buddy's sig and lasted all of an average of 0 uses each