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Prior Infantry Marine and currently studying at Indiana University. I’m an avid shooter, you’ll find me most at home picking apart an interesting rifle or pistol. When not receiving horrible results at Steel Challenge competitions, I’m busy learning Pashtu, cycling long distance, and getting outdrunk by the English. I’ve written for Small Arms Review, Combat & Survival, Forgotten Weapons, and SHTF Journal. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


SCAR Hs in Kenya

This post came about in a roundabout way. SOFREP recently posted this article about a recent raid in Kenya against al-Shabaab. However, the photo they used for their article is from the Westgate Mall attack almost two years ago (September 24 2013). Nonetheless, the [Read More…]

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Kurdish Zagros Gen 2

In 2012 TFB published an extensive post about a homemade rifle being used by the PKK in their fight against Turkey. Recently, a photo has surfaced of the same rifle but with a few upgrades and thus I’m calling it the Gen 2. The additions seem to be the removal of [Read More…]

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A rifle named Rosalie

Trench Art has always fascinated historians and collectors alive because it makes us have a personal connection with the curators of the various equipment it is displayed upon. But from an administrative standpoint, cutting up issued gear is no interesting manner, it is [Read More…]

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