The 50 BMG AK Project As Told By Brandon, The AK Guy

    Brandon Herrera started The AK Guy several years ago and embarked upon a crazy idea, that of making a .50 BMG Kalashnikov rifle. The AK50 is still yet to come to fruition but what is really fascinating is the journey that Brandon took and all the trials and errors that happened along the way. Initially starting with CAD designs and eventually morphing into several prototypes, his experience is one that everyone can learn from.

    What sets Brandon apart from other makers in the industry is that he began as just a regular guy with a dream and stuck to it, enabling the success of his YouTube channel and currently his rifle company that he is the head of today.

    In this video, we talk to Brandon not about the successes but about the failures that plagued him along every step of the way. Almost every part of the rifle had to go through numerous designs, and redesigns as testing showed what worked and what didn’t.


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