Rainier Arms Country Rifles at IWA 2017 (Lots of pictures)

Country rifles, one of my favorite subjects. Well built AR-15s with sought-after parts combined with wonderful artwork.

At IWA in Germany Rainier Arms brought a lot of interesting firearms, you can see their booth in one of the few instances it was empty – the show was probably closed!

The Vive La France by Rainier Arms – SBR is back.

Aimpoint on top of this creation.

I’ve seen a few Swedes copied this layout, but who could blame them? It looks great.

In 2016 it was a Bravo rifle Country Rifle: Sweden by Rainier Arms (Bravo Company)

Time for the USA and the UK.

I bet the masking was not easy.

Carbon fiber barrel. Proof research would be my guess.

This is a real good looking butt stock.

Mega Arms. I think these would sell really, really well. If they were allowed in the United Kingdom.

The Union Jack.

Poland, not Austria, by Rainier Arms. Here’s what it looked last year. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/05/27/country-rifle-austria-rainier-arms/

Amazing detail. Their “eagle” isn’t bald.

Noveske Germany, in 2016 it looked like this: Country Rifle: Germany by Rainier Arms – Noveske Infidel Gen III

The Noveske Pig

Time for some Italian. I’m sure they would prefer the locally made ADC AR-15s.

In case you no speak Italian, Family Guy can help you. I’ve tried this numerous times, and it’s always a huge success: “Bopity boopy“.

Italian AR-15


I think this is a Cobalt Kinetics. Unfortunately I don’t have more details.


The IWA 2016 Country Rifles can be found here:


Eric B

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  • Brett baker

    Pretty cool!

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    France, ftw.

    • forrest1985

      I hope its drop safe!

      • Evan

        But does it actually fire? We’ll never know…

  • 22

    Did you just called Polish flag, an Austria?

    • BrandonAKsALot

      I was having trouble figuring out which it’s supposed to be. The colors are aligned like the Polish flag, but the placement of the eagle is more similar to Austria’s.

      • 22

        Im 100% sure that it’s Polish eagle, because of the crown and style of drawing, and obviously the colors

        • Bartosz

          Jesus… This is POLISH flag and POLISH eagle. Does the author had any geographic education? Go back to school, Eric…

          • jonp

            Jesus, lay off guys. Who knows the difference between a Polish and an Austrian eagle?

        • BrandonAKsALot

          I’m no expert on that stuff, so I take your word for it.

    • Chris22lr

      Yes he did – depicted eagle is clearly Polish white eagle, not Austrian black. I’m sorry to say that, but Eric’s articles could really use some proof-reading – it’s not the first time when his image captions are completely wrong (recent AK aricle comes to mind), or the text is full of typos.

    • Bartosz

      Yes. He did…

    • Klaus Von Schmitto

      On behalf of the Austrians – Thanks, but, no thanks.

  • Shouldn’t the German one be green and white?

    • RightWingDeathSquad1939

      Agree, Sweden too.

      • To be fair, there is a righteous green and white (and black) banner that should fly over Scandinavia.

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        The numbers don’t lie.

        • joe tusgadaro

          You’re all paranoid chicken shits…better?

  • Suppressed

    What stock is that on the Murica rifle? I’m planning a build with that new Faxon carbon-fiber handguard, and having that stock together with it would make my wiener bounce.

  • 22

    For god sake can you already fix Polish rifle please?

  • frd

    I supose that British flag AR15 is an airsoft version.UK isnt a free country.

    • Fast Forward

      Barrel welded solid, plus no working or moving parts.

      • Graham2

        That’s deactivated guns, we can still own and use many other firearms!

    • Graham2

      Just because we can only have straightpull ARs doesn’t mean we aren’t a free country! I may not like all our guns laws but it’s actually very nice here. I’m off to Bisley in the morning to shoot a Civilian Service Rifle match with 100 others and will have a great time.

      • Fast Forward

        Hope there’s no wind………it can play hell with the .177 pellets.

        • Graham2

          There was wind and at 300 yards I was aiming off. I was using a Sabre Defence M4 straightpull in 5.56. It would appear that you don’t know what you’re talking about!

          • Fast Forward

            Not every comment is meant to be taken as deadly serious :-).

          • Graham2

            Forgive me for not knowing! I am so used to people being ignorant of UK gun laws on here, I just assumed your words meant what they say. I will go sit in the corner…

  • Martin Grønsdal

    when you invaded Iraq, who helped you with the geography? Confusing the Polish flag and polish eagle with austrian colours….

  • Mark

    It’s a shame they don’t know what a Union Jack looks like 🙁

  • Some Rabbit

    Oh the irony of a Union Jack on a semi-auto centerfire rifle. What British patriot could ever own one? And I never understood the ‘dirty gun’ look. I take great care to keep my guns clean.

    • Blake

      Yeah I like the battleworn look but they clearly meant those paint jobs to look like dirt was accumulating. That’s just… odd.

    • noob

      It would have been bitterly ironic if they’d had tool board outlines for each of the firearms with the matching flag painted on the outline and the UK one was just an empty outline.

  • 4444

    Where’s the one for IS?