Polish National Prison Services Seeking New Rifles, Shotguns

The Polish national Central Board of Prison Services has released a solicitation for 600 5.56x45mm rifles and 500 pump action, tubular-magazine fed shotguns. Currently, the Government service has a number of Polish MSBS rifles in the inventory, the most recent of such were seen on parade in a memorial service held by the Central Board of Prison Services. These rifles were also seen in use with what appears to be 10 round magazines inserted. At this point we are guessing that it was a ceremonial practice, possibly loaded with blank rounds Although most likely not used within prisons, the rifles are most likely designated for the special response teams, or more realistically perimeter guards who have to cover long distances around prisons. As is evidenced in the memorial video below, these new MSBS rifles could possibly be ordered to replace Kalashnikov rifles still in service with certain contingents of the Prison Services.

10 round magazines inserted, with bayonets mounted.

A contingent with 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov rifles.

Glauberyt submachine guns mounted with EOTech reflex sights.

From the Google Translated version of the article

Within the first of these, the Prison Service is seeking a supplier of 600 sets of 5.56×45 mm caliber rifles. In addition to the price, the warranty period and the date of order completion (20 points) will be assessed. It is planned that the order will be completed by the end of November of this year and applications must be submitted by September 21st.

As part of the second tender procedure, the contractor wants to purchase 500 sets of Mossberg Flex 500 Tactical Cruiser rifles or equivalent. Also in this case next to the price will be assessed the delivery date and the guarantee (20 points each). Entrants interested in arms deliveries have time to submit applications by September 21, while the contract is scheduled to be completed by the end of November this year.

The more interesting announcement, however, is with the shotguns. Unbeknownst to me, it appears that the Prison Services actively use 12 Gauge, pump action shotguns, one of the few law enforcement services within all of Europe that does so, in an active capacity. The solicitation specifies for 500 shotguns to be procured, and mentions a Mossberg pistol grip pump action shotgun “or equivalent”. The name in the article is “Mossberg Flex 500 Tactical Cruiser”, which is most likely Mossberg’s FLEX 500 Tactical, available on the companies website. Mossberg does have two dealers in Poland that import the company’s products, one in Tarnobrzeg, and another in Warsaw.

For any readers interested, this is a brief summary of allowed weapons within the Polish Prison Service

a. Can prison staff hold and use lethal weapons within the prison perimeter?

In general, in Poland, prison staff may not hold or use lethal weapons within the prison perimeter. However, it is allowed that the commander of the shift in the following premises may hold weapons: guardhouse, sluice of prison entry and safety zone. Prison officers serving on the perimeter security may also hold weapons.

The equipment of Prison Service, among others, consists of: firearms, hand grenades, chemical weapons, tear gas and missile launchers. Weapons that incapacitate with electrical current are not available.

If it is necessary to use measures of direct coercion, appointed prison officers may hold firearms during a specific time and at a specific place in order to apply measures mentioned above.


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  • Audie Bakerson

    Eurocops don’t use pump shotguns?

    • Chris22lr

      Your typical, uniformed patrol guys don’t, however every AT unit and other LE agencies use them a lot.

      Actually creation of modern police AT units in various European countries after Munich attack, affected not only evolution of precision weapons (PSG-1 and Walther WA2000 being the most famous ones), but also various tactical shotguns (like Italian Franchi and Benelli).

      • Oregon213

        Patrol offices use shotguns in some countries. Norwegian police have Benelli shotguns, but like most Norwegian police guns they stay locked in the car unless authorized to deploy.

        Danish police have shotguns too, but only for less-lethal use and for some animal “dispatching.”

    • Peter

      Some countries like France and Spain still do. Belgium stopped issuing pump shotguns for general patrol work in the late nineties. Height requirements for officers were abandoned. The smaller cops couldn’t handle the recoil of the shotguns, thus they were phased out in favor of a 9mm patrol carbine, often a submachinegun with the happy switch blocked.

    • mikewest007

      Riot cops over here do. Rubber bullets are fun and games until someone loses an eye.
      Which also explains why our prison guards need them.

  • Chris22lr

    The MSBS variants used by Prison Service are MSBS-5,56R – manually repeating, ceremonial guns. MSBS-5,56R was developed for Polish Army Ceremonial Battalion to replace their worn-out SKS rifles, and later ordered by Prison Service ceremonial unit to replace their worn-out AKMs. Rifle doesn’t have any gas system at all – this is due to the custom of manually reloading weapons during ceremonies (previously SKSes and AKMs were fired without blank firing attachments).

    Also, since live-fire MSBS still haven’t passed state acceptance tests, FB “Lucznik” Radom won’t offer this gun to Prison Service rifle tender. What they’re offering is Beryl-SW (SW – Prison Service) which is essentially a rebadged civilian semi-auto Radom-Sport (apparently Prison Service looks for a non-full-auto-capable gun). Being a variant of already adopted by Polish Army Beryl wz.96C, it already passed state tests.

    Prison Service ordering shotguns is nothing new or surprising – various Polish LE formations (police AT units, Central Bureau of Investigations, fiscal police etc.) use shotguns since early 90’s. Cenzin is Mossberg’s Polish distributor for LE and military market. And certainly, Polish LE is not unique among European agancies for their use of shotguns.

    What is interesting is a procurment of 400 40mm launchers firing special, less-than-lethal ammunition. Prison Service previously used only RGWL-3 tear gas canister launchers based on AKM receiver. B+T GL-06 (also offered by Cenzin) is the most probable winner.

    • Hey Chris! I’d really like to get in touch with you about this, could you please send me an email at miles@tfb.tv?

      • Lying Bastard

        Don’t worry they will get back to a story that takes place in the US soon enoug

        • Lying Bastard

          This was a reply to somedingus.

  • Brett baker

    So, even in Poland they know the 870 has gone downhill?

  • 22winmag


  • somedingus

    What a fascinating story! Seriously, who cares?