More Glock M News Bits: 19M Poses For Snapshots

Over at Glock Talk, more images of the mysterious Glock M series of pistol have surfaced, this time in the model 19 flavor. The included pictures give us some detailed shots of the flared and relief-cut magazine well. The subtle differences in the current offerings follow Glock’s painfully slow strategy of incremental change.

What is still unclear, however, is the fate of the secret ‘M’ line. Will it turn into the 5the generation of popular polymer pistols? Will it remain the ‘M’ series as an option to the traditional frames? Or will this be a contract-only gun available to LE agencies as a special order?

My personal opinion is that Glock is getting the M guns into the hands of a select few gunfighters for some real world, high round count testing prior to a full release as the ‘Gen 5’ line.

Lots of questions, with no real answers at this point. My guess is that, since the new “summer release” Glocks have already hit dealer cases, if the M’s are going to be publicly available they will make their debut at the 2018 SHOT Show.

Closer, yet still so far, to new Glock perfection.

Glock M

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  • Gun Fu Guru

    I have never and will never own a Glock. That being said, at least they fixed the finger groove BS. I think that the Gen5 will be a chassis system (hopefully with a full 1913 rail.)

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Curious, why won’t your own a Glock?

      • Kelly Jackson

        I’m not one of those people that just hates Glock for no reason, I just have a personal preference from DA/SA pistols.

        • Gun Fu Guru

          My preference is for external hammer guns; that’s why I got rid of my two VP9s. But even in the plastic fantastic genre, Glock isn’t in the top three models.

          • Kelly Jackson

            I mean Glock is good at what they do, it’s going to go bang the 1st time or the 10,000th time.
            I just feel safer with a DA/SA gun, espiecally for a carry piece.

          • Michigunner

            I used to be the exact same way- respected the Glock reliability and time tested design, even shot them a few times, but decided that they weren’t for me. This went on for years. I was just lukewarm on Glocks, striker fired guns in general, really. That is until I acquired a gen4 19 on a trade, having every intention to flip it. The 19 stuck around kind of like a stray dog that you figure out is pretty nice, and eventually becomes your pet. I used to carry a CZ P01. Now I carry the G19 every day, and have been for the past 10 months. I have even caught myself shopping Armslist for a G26 in recent weeks. Go figure.

        • Deanimator

          I feel the same way about DA/SA and DAO pistols. I’ve never seen one that had a decent DA trigger. Some (Beretta 96D) were nothing short of gruesome. The only two I’d even consider would be the CZ75 which I’d carry cocked and locked (until I could get it converted to SA), and the Daewoo which has a version of the FN “fast action” trigger.

          Somebody once told me that the trigger pull on a DA/SA auto was “like an S&W revolver”. I’ve got a safe full of pre-lock S&Ws, and if ANY of them had a trigger pull like a DA/SA auto, it’d be on its way to S&W YESTERDAY.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        My nine reasons:

        #1) Piss of the Glocktards who think the gun is infallible.
        #2) Other designs feel better in the hand. Block much?
        #3) Other designs are just as – if not more – reliable.
        #4) Spare parts can be bought online (I don’t need my LGS to stock them).
        #5) Help from Glock is just as good as it is from other companies.
        #7) Interest in the design just isn’t there.
        #8) The aftermarket industry means nothing me except for sights.

        And finally #9….

        • CharliesChocolateFactory

          Fixed it for you:

          [My nine excuses:

          #1) Piss of those who chose a different design which turned out to be more popular than the design I invested in.
          #2) Other designs feel better in MY hand. It looks like a block too.
          #3) “Other designs are just as – if not more – reliable”…said nobody ever who had any real data to back it up.
          #4) Spare parts can be bought online (I don’t know why this is a valid point but it gave me a warm-fuzzy so I put it in there).
          #5) Help from Glock is just as good as it is from other companies so yet another obtuse observation establishing nothing toward my point.
          #7) Interest in the design just isn’t there by me. Change hurts my brain.
          #8) The aftermarket industry means nothing *to* me except for sights.

          And finally #9….THE PRICE IS TOO DAMN HIGH FOR ME.]

          Personally I always thought $500 for a service pistol to be pretty standard.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            You are a real asshøle, you know that? He asked why I wouldn’t own Glocks. I gave my answers which are inherently subjective. If you want a Glock, leave me the fuçk alone and go buy one. If you don’t want a Glock, leave me the fuçk alone and don’t buy one.

          • Realist

            Lighten up Francis and eat a Snickers Bar…

          • Michigunner

            Well that escalated rather quickly….

          • Orion Quach

            *whining intensifies*

          • Blackhorse

            Ignore the rants of a Glock fan boy.
            I own a Glock 17 Gen 1 (new from when they first arrived) and still don’t understand the “Glock fan boy” mentality.
            Its a tool, nothing more nothing less.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            I have shot the original Glock 17 design while in Austria. It was much nicer than what they are making now. Too bad they can’t treat the slides with cyanide anymore…

          • Blackhorse

            Environmental and or cost I guess.
            I haven’t seen much innovation from Glock since the 17 first came out.

          • No one

            Yeah because you’re the one blatantly trolling to “p– off glocktards” (when it’s funny, it seems to be far more hip and trendy on gun sites and reality to actually hate on Glocks than be an open fan of them these days.) and he’s the one being an a—hole, lol ok.

            I guess blowing up like a 2 year old when he dared criticize the fallacies in your post shows how sad and insecure you really are.

            Also, if you actually think what, $450 to $500 dollars is too high, might I recommend getting a job that pays better than being a cashier at Burger King? or start a collection of Hi Points and Kel-Tec pistols instead?

          • Blackhorse

            Where exactly does he say it’s too expensive? I can’t even find a reference on its cost by him anywhere.
            Now talk about who is “trolling”.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            I don’t know where you live, but I haven’t seen a new Glock for under $550 since the Bush was president. I went to two shops this morning and they were $599.
            And he didn’t point out any fallacies in what I wrote. He was an asshøle.

          • iksnilol

            But a Canik is waaay better yet costs 300-400. That’s what’s meant by too expensive. It’s like buying an Apple computer. You pay more for the same or less.

          • iksnilol

            500 + night sights + improving trigger + grinding off finger groves and + eventual stippling = hella more money and/or time than 500.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          #3 – whisper it to me if you have to.

          #9 – see above

          • Gun Fu Guru

            #3 – Off the top of my head: CZ P09, HK USP, S&W M&P, and their compact variants. Glock parts break more frequently than those of their competitors; however, they cost next to nothing to replace which is why most people don’t remember replacing them.

            #9 – The MSRP on a Glock is $599. I have not seen it any less than that within a 100 mile radius of my home in Lynchburg, Virginia. (I’m sure it is cheaper elsewhere and online.) That being said, $450 should be street price if the company wasn’t using the private market to subsidize the LE/MIL market.

          • Corey Sledd

            I see them at 499 for gen 3s and 540 for gen 4s at every gun show in Roanoke.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            Aint nobody got time for gun shows!

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I’m tracking.
            But the USP is going to cost 1.5x more than the Glock.
            And I haven’t heard of Glock parts breaking more than their competitors.

          • Gun Fu Guru

            Price of perfection, my friend. My USP45 is the most reliable and accurate gun from my collection. The USP Compact is just as good as the full size model and comparable to the G19 in size.

      • USMC03Vet

        It’s 2017 and you can find what you want in a factory handgun without having to buy a overpriced brick just for the aftermarket to make it what you really wanted?

        • john huscio

          I don’t change anything other than night sights. Don’t see the need for anything else

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          And those would be? Not trying to be a jerk, just want to hear those other factory options. Names dam(n) it! I need names!

          • Fiber Optic sights, a more comfortable/ergonomic grip, the option for a threaded barrel, better triggers, more completely adjustable grips, a standard picatinny rail, better grip textures… Those are the biggest ones that a lot of my customers choose.

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            Excellent points. Thanks.

      • Personal preference. The gun doesn’t fit my hand well, the grip angle is wrong for me to shoot intuitively or comfortably, and i prefer to have an external safety/gas pedal. Personally, I find that the CZ pistols, STI pistols, and a few others fit me like a glove, so I stick with them.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Sweet. Thanks. Makes sense for sure.

          • I will also add, beyond the practical reasons, the attitude of people who are glock proponents or push them as the perfect pistol is a huge turnoff.

            you mention you don’t like glock/don’t want a glock. After you mention this, they proceed to probe for your reasons, and then begin trying to ‘educate’ you on how you’re wrong, or how your personal preferences are invalid. It’s extremely frustrating to read, especially when a lot of times new or different types of guns are held up to glock and given the run-down on how they’re inferior.

            Make no mistake, there are other fanboys out there of different guns, some just as annoying and pushy. But the glock-ites tend to be the most prevalent in training, competition shooting, etc., and are right there, ready to explain to you why you’re wrong and how everything would be better if you just bought a glock.

            I don’t like being told that something that is, well, a personal preference is wrong as if it were a factual statement to be disputed.

            We get it. People like glocks for whatever reason. We also get they have advantages. They’re not the end-all, be-all for every shooter and what works for you may not work for me. Now, please, stop glock-splaining to me how I’m wrong, and instead have an open mind.

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I agree. As much as I joke around and play/live the Glock fanboy, I respect other’s choices.

          • Dougscamo

            Had most all….except a Wilson Combat….and still have most of them…and love them all….from my 1911 to Glock to CZ to S&W (revolvers and semi’s)….if it goes bang when I want and hits what I want, I like it….

          • Pete – TFB Writer

            I’m equally perplexed by the Glock haters.

      • iksnilol

        Mucho dinero for little performance.

        Is like having a vintage mustang for a daily driver. Stupid expensive for the little performance you get.

    • HSR47

      I can agree that they aren’t for everyone, but I prefer the grooves. I find that they fit me almost perfectly, and they allow me to get/keep a good high grip on the pistol.

      On the 19 Gen 2 I handled recently, I found that the lack of finger grooves made virtually impossible for me to get a good high grip, and that the degree to which my hand kept sliding down would pose a problem when doing reloads.

      The dished “magwell” built into the bottom of these frames, and the rougher Gen 4 style polymids might help with that, but that remains to be seen. For now, I’ll stick with my Gen 3 RTF2 pistols.

      • Kelly Jackson

        I prefer them as well I had a Gen 3 and it just felt right and that’s coming from someone that thinks most Glocks feel like holding a 2×4

    • Zundfolge

      I too have never owned nor plan on owning a Glock (nothing really wrong with them, just not enough right with them to pull my dollars away from other manufacturers) but it is good to see them listening to what the public appears to want.

    • Deanimator

      I own a Glock 19 and a Glock 22 and I’m glad the finger grooves are gone too.

      I will NEVER mount a light on a self-defense handgun. The rail should be optional.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        Railed and non-railed versions create too many SKUs while the demand hasn’t changed. My real issue with the Glock accessory rail is the “pig nose” that we all know is exists. 1913 rail would eliminate that.

        • Deanimator

          From my point of view, either is just a waste of time and hurts the gun aesthetically.

          That having been said, having learned how to tame the recoil issue in my Glock 22 (22lb. recoil spring) I eventually plan to get a Glock 23. In all likelihood, it’ll be a used or police surplus gun.

          If it has to have the rail, I’ll just ignore it just like I ignored the satin stainless (which I hate) of my S&W 3″ Model 65 since I hadn’t seen a 3″ Model 13 in 10+ years.

          • Lol @ “hurts the gun aesthetically.”. A light on a weapon is not a tacticool feature. It’s pure function. It’s being able to illuminate your target and assist with threat identification. Don’t you like seeing what you’re about to pull the trigger on? Don’t bother answer that. Your answer isn’t of any relevance to anyone.

          • Deanimator

            I use hand held lights exclusively. I am NEVER going to have a light on a handgun because I’m NEVER going to have a light that requires me to point a loaded firearm at somebody to use. It is therefore irrelevant to my use of the firearm. Hence the aesthetics of the firearm are FAR more important to me than something that I’m NEVER going to use.

            You can hang a trombone off of your handgun if you want to.

          • Kelly Jackson

            You could just save your slots for running extended mags and stopping power pro. Because that’s about all I’m getting out of your advice.

          • Deanimator

            WHAT “advice”?

            I’ve given none. I’ve said what I do and don’t do. Nothing more. Believe it or not, that imposes upon you no duty to do likewise.

            If you want to hang a light off of your handgun do so. I don’t care if you hang a presa canario off of it.

          • pun&gun

            Handgun lights allow you illuminate an area with wall/ceiling bounced light, too. Running around in the pitch dark shining a 200+ lumen beam directly where you’re looking is just going to blind you, anyway.

          • Kelly Jackson

            I’m been thinking about getting back into the Glock game and the only thing that keeps me from buying a 26 is a lack of rail. I’m

  • Raptor Fred

    I’m a Glock guy. But that CZ P-10c is looking more appealing to me every day. Every Glock I get I do an undercut under the trigger guard, grind the finger grooves off, and then stipple. With the p-10c I get a better trigger, forward cocking serrations, and a Czechoslovakian girlfriend with every purchase!!!

    • cons2p8ted

      Raptor Fred, agreed! I was hoping for the 19M to have finger cut magwell and front serrations but if they keep dithering over basic stuff that shooters have been demanding for the last 3 decades, I might just pull the rigger on the P10C soon!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      If it took glock mags it would be all over.

      I’m still considering a P-10C when I can get hands on it to see.

      • Kelly Jackson

        If CZ could get them onto store shelves it would be all over.
        CZ makes great products that are never in stock, anywhere.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        i bought a factory P10C mag from CZ’s webstore. The body is the same (plus one small square cut) as the P07 magazine, but the spring is longer and baseplate more beefy.

    • Anonymoose

      You have piqued my interest now.

      • Dougscamo


        • Anonymoose

          I used to really like Czech porn…

    • USMC03Vet

      Keep the handgun I’ll take the refugee.

    • Kurt Ingalls

      ROFLMAO!!!!!!…..I’ll just take the CZ…..less trouble!!!!!! 🙂

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Waiting on the 19L-M-FS Modular Gen5 before I buy another Glock.

  • USMC03Vet

    Rare pictures of Glock 19M with slide attached!

  • Robert Kruckman

    Don’t any of U thunderheads get it?? This two pin just like my 1992 mdl 19, ifthe pix are correct.

  • Robert Kruckman

    Has any of U Glock experts noticed that this new and improved Glock is a two pin like my 1992 mdl 19???

    • Meh

      This and the gen 1 and 2s models only have a trigger pin. Not sure at all why the locking block pin is not on any of the M frames that have been shown. This makes me more interested to see what is going on inside of the frame.

      • john huscio

        It’s been said that the internals of the M series guns are the same as the G42/43, just scaled up.

  • FedJohn

    Another bit that appears to be… The “M’s” have smooth trigger faces….

    • Contract guns aren’t subject to the “sporting” test.

  • mazkact

    No finger grooves…….it’s a start.

  • john huscio

    Clean lines and nicely radiused edges. I probably will holdout for an M afterall.

  • RickH

    “M” series…………for mundane

  • Treiz

    Only Glocks I would consider buying.

  • Grant

    I wish they had released this by now. I need to buy another G19 since I mounted suppressor sights and a RMR on my current Gen 3. I want another pistol that doesn’t have a red dot mounted. I guess I will get a new Gen 4 instead. If I decide to get a Glock without finger groves I’ll just pick up a CZ P10C since I’ve always wanted one of their guns anyway and it’s supposed to fit Glock holsters.

  • John

    I’m confused by the complaints about the price being too high. $500-600 for a polymer compact or full size handgun seems pretty standard. People keep paying so they can’t be too far off base.

    Even if it’s 20% higher than the competing products that seems reasonable if the ergonomics are right for you or you want the aftermarket support.

  • Gregory

    The H&K P30 LEM is looking better every day.

  • valorius

    I don’t see how this is substantially any different than any other glock.

  • ColoradoS14

    Not that I would not buy a Glock but at this time with so many darn good guns out there I just dont have a super compelling reason to do so. If I was in the market today I would most likely end up with a VP9, P-10c or M&P. The HK VP series is the one that calls to me strongest.

  • rennsport4.4TV8

    The 19M or M like 19 gen5 is the only thing that will get a Glock in my house.

  • CA

    I wish they would curve the rail in the front to match the curve on the front-slide.

  • Ray

    Would it kill them to go back to the single flatspring RSA now that this whole .40 fad is over?