BREAKING: Glock 17M Recalled By Police Department

Patrick R
by Patrick R

It looks like the new Glock 17M pistols are already experiencing some teething problems with the design changes. There are reports that Indianapolis Metro Police Department has halted issuing the new duty pistol due to problems during dry fire training. The recall comes after the pistols were supposed to be issued on July 31st, but delayed till August 15th due to unknown problems.

The Firearm Blog’s source within the department declined to be named and only spoke on the condition of anonymity about the problems. Our source stated that the slides were falling off during dry fire training due to a potential issue with the recoil spring assembly and/or the slide lock. IMPD has recalled all issued Glock 17Ms to include the one that TFB was leaked photos of due to the problem.

Once all the recalled pistols are back in IMPD’s hands, they will be sent back to Glock so that they may find a solution to the problems the new Glock variant is experiencing. At this time there is no indication as to how long the new duty weapons will be out of service for repairs.

We have not received any more information about the flawed recoil spring assemblies at this time. TFB called Glock to ask for comment on the recall of the pistols and response at the time of publication. We also called IMPD’s media relations team, they have not returned our request for comment about the recall either.

My initial impression is there is a flaw with the slide lock springs, and the issue should be easily correctable. We shall see what happens in the coming weeks. I hope they identify the issue quickly so that these officers can get their new sidearms.

Phil Note: I recall many years ago our just issued Glock 17’s were recalled. It took about six weeks to get them back in service.

Patrick R
Patrick R

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  • Michael Cox Michael Cox on Sep 01, 2016

    I have had three Glocks. Call me stupid. I am selling the last one. There are a lot better firearms out there. I suggest Ruger!

  • Bill Bill on Sep 10, 2016

    Just look at that spring assembly. Muffler bearing, anyone? All it needs now is an ambidextrous Unobtanium alloy particle accelerator widget core extension bracket and it'll be a shoo-in for military contracts. Ian Malcolm was right.