Glock 17M Recall Update

    As many of you might be aware, we are keeping close tabs on the Glock 17M voluntary recall that Indianapolis Metro Police Department issued following failures encountered while dry firing the pistols during training. The failure that an unnamed source from within the department reported is that the slide of the Glocks was falling off the front of the frame when dry fired. IMPD wisely issued a recall of the 150 issued pistols in the interest of officer safety.

    Since our last update, IMPD has taken all the guns back from the officers and replaced them with the outgoing Glock 22. The lot of pistols that was to be issued has been sent back to Glock and is currently being worked on by Glock staff.

    Major Riddle with the IMPD sent me a quick update email as follows

    Glock is working to correct the problem and we hope to begin issuing the new pistols as soon as December.

    Teething problems are not uncommon when changing up a long-standing design like the Glock 17. When the Gen4 pistols were introduced there was an issue with the new dual sprung guide rod that resulted in the pistols not living up to the Glock reliability.  Even though the issue was fixed, the Gen4 still hasn’t been as widely accepted as Glock might have hoped.