The Kampfschwimmers are a post war amphibious warefare group. They are frogmen of the Navy.

These minimum requirements must be fulfilled by all candidates, to become certified for training:

  • Applicants must be German citizens in the sense of the article 116 of the Grundgesetz (Constitution).
  • They must be at least 17 years old and less than 25 years old.
  • Realschulabschluss or Abitur, with favorable exam passes.
  • 1000m swim in less than 23 minutes
  • 5000m run in less than 24 minutes
  • 30m distance swim underwater without equipment
  • Stay underwater without breathing for at least 60 seconds
  • Sport test with at least 20 points; at least 3 points for each exercise
  • Must be an active duty soldier who has served at least 6 months. After training, one must enlist for four years.
  • Diving fitness is examined by the Schifffahrtsmedizinisches Institut (naval medical institute) of the navy.
  • Parachute jump fitness is examined by the same institute.

In the photo above they are mostly all using MP5s with SureFire lighted handguards. Except for the guy in the middle with what looks like an MP5SD and a scope.


  • codfilet

    That’s all very nice, but what use is all this training when you allow your nation to be invaded ?

    • Ratcraft

      It may be to go rescue the stranded cultural enrichment floundering offshore. After all it’s a strength right?

    • forrest1985

      Not really an invasion when they were invited

      • Juggernaut

        They were invited by the Zionists that have run Germany as well as the rest of Europe since 1945.

        • tsh77769

          Are you even intelligent enough to realize the irony and stupidity of saying that the Zionist invited the Islamic invaders?

          • Eric H

            Probably not.

          • Dan

            Intelligence takes a back seat when given the opportunity to spout of your garbage.

        • jonp

          WTF? That’s a monumentally moronic statement.
          All in favor of a permanent ban for the reject say aye..

    • gendar

      the Bundeswehr is constitutionally required to be a defensive military with it’s manpower limited by the 2 plus 4 treaty

      • Ingo Lessing

        Well, the 2 plus 4 was never correctly signed by the german gov’t, juristically speaking. In theory the German Army is only a bunch of Soldiers of Fortune that go to places were they do not belong, like Afghanistan, Kosovo or Mali… Since Germany is controlled by NWO Merkel they even go to the Baltic countries to threaten Russia again with the US. Historically this is bad S……

  • Paul


  • Matt

    Amphibious warefare?

    “The are frogmen of the navy.”

    A)proofread much?
    B)what an awkward sentence. Looks like it’s straight from Google translate.

    If it’s going to be clickbait, try to make it good clickbait.

    • Blake

      I’ve been massively disappointed with TFB recently when it comes to their writing (which you’d hope they’d place as a high priority given that they are a freaking blog). They seem to have started hiring people with no journalistic experience and dubious writing skills. Even the long-time writers have let their standards massively slide; even to the point where just about any article you find from the last 6 months has someone in the comments correcting spelling or grammar. I love this site but I’m very close to looking elsewhere for firearm news.

      • musbo

        eh, ya gets what ya pays for…

    • valorius

      The guy may not be a native english speaker.

    • Ingo Lessing

      Well, other military units in the Army, like the Engineers or Police units also have Frogmen. So it is ok to say “Frogmen of the Navy” . On the other hand, not every naval member is a Frogman 😛

  • Brett

    Can some do the conversion into Freedom Units?

    5km run in under 24 min is ok. Never tried swimming a km before.

    • Darren Hruska

      5 kilometers is roughly 3.1 miles, which means the swimmers will have to average nearly 7.8 miles per hour swimming to meet the requirements. Ouch.

      • some other joe

        It’s a little under 8 minute miles, or 65 points on the USMC PFT.

      • Giolli Joker

        The 5km is a run, the 1km is the swim.

        • Darren Hruska

          You’re right. I derped.

    • jonp

      According to those requirements when I was in I could have easily made the grade. There must be more to it than that. I jumped out of planes and such but still….

      • CommonSense23

        Um, it’s probably the entry test that hasnt been updated in decades. Look at the Buds PST. The minimum requirements are a joke. And if you actually post those numbers you will never get in.

        • jonp

          No doubt. Just posting min will not get you in Buds.

      • Preacher

        These are just the requirements to fullfill so you are accepted into a test procedure.
        The requirements above are by the way nearly the same like for every german soldier with just a few additions like the diving test.

        Compare it to some special unit you know: Listed requirements are easy to fullfill – but to pass the physical tests, you definitly need to be a bit better.
        At the end of the day, it is still a comparesment between you and all other candidates – so they always just pick a selection out of them.

  • TXlife

    Why does the German language have some of the longest words ever used? Schifffahrtsmedizinisches???

    • ax

      Because in German, you invent new words by combining other words. Kampfschwimmer literally means “combat_swimmer”. See also “maschinengewehr” instead of machine_gun.

    • Marc

      A close literal translation would be “ship fare medicinal”.

  • joe tusgadaro

    The comments section on TFB has taken a real swan dive into a shitbucket lately…

  • J

    Once swimming in the Nordsee, suddenly 2 of them appeared out of the water “…oh were wrong here” and dived away again.

    There was a base nearby.

  • Mystick

    They have a Kampfschwimmersplooshwagen(VK48.01H KfSSw)

  • That’s good I was reaching for the nuke button:-)

  • Jeff S

    The organization is the Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine (KSM)… Kampfschwimmer are part of KSM. They have been deployed abroad as well.

  • Preacher

    Dude – that pic is older than old. Round about 10-15years. Nobody use the Equipment shown on the picture.