I love photos like this. Disassembled guns with all the parts exposed. I wonder if this was photoshopped like J.W. Ramp’s AK47 or if they physically suspended all the parts like the Glock 43 and just photoshopped the strings away?



  • James

    What’s the barrel length on this gun? Short enough that a user would want ammo designed for a pocket 9mm?

    • Blake

      ideally, subsonic ammo…

  • What is going on with that action? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti

      Would be interesting to see this gun on Forgotten weapons and see if Ian can find any old pistol that has a similar action to it.

      • Flounder

        Ian has already done multiple videos of it. On both inrange and forgotten weapons. The SiCo guy says it is a delayed blowback with a fixed barrel.

        Personally, I’m pretty sure it just uses a locking block like the Beretta M9. Knowing SiCo, it will be well made, work well, and be totally unoriginal but marketed as something new.

        • ostiariusalpha

          The Beretta and its locking block is not a delayed blowback and doesn’t have a fixed barrel.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I’d say that it looks like some sort of gas-delayed blowback. Which would be clever since the stronger the charge, the more the delay-piston(s) will resist letting the slide move rearward and lengthen out the recoil impulse. Who knows though, it might be something even more exotic.

      • Giolli Joker

        I was guessing a laver retarded blowback, although it is hard to identify elements confirming it in the photo.
        A gas delay would need to be close to the chamber to be effective (HK P7). There might be something gas operated or delayed with that short “piston” poking out of the slide and seemingly fitting in the block above the barrel.
        It might just be a recoilspring guide, though

  • Joshua

    Me thinks there is lots of pins, springs, and various other small parts no present.

  • Dave

    Back in the old days of photography, we would lay the items flat on a light table (clear table, lighted from below) with supports as needed.

    • Keiichi

      Which, coincidentally, is the easiest way to do this nowadays too…

  • mazkact

    Looks like a gas port on top the barrel near the chamber so I’m guessing gas delayed. What the hell are those things that look like suction cup blow gun darts, bottom right? Much like Ian this design is bugging me, need more information.

    • bee O bee

      Those two gizmos look to me like a couple of screws and their ‘captured’ nuts that hold the can together.

      • mazkact

        I’ll buy that, thank you Sir.

  • Cymond

    I shot one recently, and the rep field stripped it, so I can shed a little light on the function.

    The “slide” could also be called a bolt carrier, arguably. It has 2 thin recoil spring guide rods in the top of the slide, that connect above the chamber. There is a vertical slot to the left of the chamber, and there’s some sort of protrusion on the slide that connects in. He implied that’s the delay mechanism. Inside the slide is a small spring loaded bolt or piston. It slides rearward under pressure, and is pushed forward by a spring.

    Here’s how I imagine operation:
    The protrusion on the left connects into the slot, and resists the slide opening. When the rounds fires, the cartridge starts to move backwards. This first movement is absorbed by the internal spring loaded bolt while the protrusion holds the slide closed. After the internal bolt is all the way back, the movement is imparted to the external slide, and the dual recoil springs come into play, just like a conventional blowback.

    • Cymond

      Field stripping was as simple as pushing a button and flipping up a locking switch. Recoil seemed nicer than the Glock 17 with Osprey. It has a fixed barrel, and an RMR cut on the suppressor, so the RMR is stationary. The suppressor is very light. The slide and recoil springs are only in the rear. The result is a pistol that looks bulky but it’s surprisingly light up front.