POTD: AK47 Ala Reduction

    My friend J.W. Ramp just built his first AK47.

    Up close with the PSAK-47 build kit I just put together from @palmettostatearmory. Chose their “MOEKOV” version with the Zhukov stock and MOE handguards. Very happy with how it turned out and thought it was worth snapping some photos of all the pieces before I put it together.

    He is a bit of a shutter bug with some talent. Of course he took pictures of the parts he got from Palmetto State Armory. His pictures look amazing. I had to share it with our readers.

    J.W. Ramp was generous and shared how he took these photos. It involved photoshop of course. He shot each piece individually. Cleaned up each image and then put them all together

    You can check out more of J.W. Ramp’s work at jwramp.com, or on Instagram @jwramp.