Lithuanian advice manual for Russian invasion

The Berlin Wall fell some 27 years ago. Now the situation around the Baltic Sea seems to turn to the worse again.

As a reply Lithuania – a NATO member since 2004 – just updated their civil defense booklet, with clear information to citizens what they should do in if there’s an invasion.

The booklet is 75 pages and has been distributed in paper copies as well as pdfs. The tone is very serious, and is pretty clear in pointing out that Russia would not hesitate to use military force against its neighbours.

The guide includes chapters with survival techniques, with pictures of how to dress to keep dry and warm and how to find food, water and survive.

Furthermore there are guides on how to spot and identify Russian tanks, ammunition, mines and grenades. The T-90 below, for instance.


Lithuania has been part of the Soviet Union, and there is still a russian exclave in Kaliningrad.

The manual includes the words: “It is most important that the civilians are aware and have a will to resist – when these elements are strong, an aggressor has difficulties in creating an environment for military invasion.”

The map of the region, which helps explaining the situation.


Below are the firearms described in the manual, supposedly to be used by Russia.

AK-74s, AKS-74Us and AK-12.



2016-10-30 13.21.13

The VSS Vintorez. (Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or “Special Sniper Rifle”), uses a heavy subsonic 9×39 mm SP5 cartridge and armor-piercing SP6 cartridge. It’s used mainly by Spetsnaz Special Forces and can be stripped down for low visibility transportation.

The AS VAL should only be available in very limited quantities. It uses the 9×39 mm round, subsonic, with about twice the muzzle energy than of a the H&K MP5 SD in 9×19 mm.

Finally the SR-3M Vikhr, also in 9×39 mm. With sound suppressor and without.

2016-10-30 13.22.01

RPK-74s, RPG-7s and Dragunov SVD. The grenade launcher GP-25 is in there also.

2016-10-30 13.21.48

In terms of pistols (“pistoletai”) the PMM, MP-443 and GSH-18 are included.

2016-10-30 13.21.35

Full page of the guide to pistols.

2016-10-30 13.21.20


All the goodies in terms of firearms are included and pictured above for your convenience, but if you want to study the complete pdf you can do so here. No, it’s not in English but in the local language.


Estonia seems to have similar ideas. Read more in this NY Times article. Below a few quotes:

The competitions, held nearly every weekend, are called war games, but are not intended as fun. The Estonian Defense League, which organizes the events, requires its 25,400 volunteers to turn out occasionally for weekend training sessions…

The number of firearms, mostly Swedish-made AK-4 automatic rifles, that Estonia has dispersed among its populace is classified.” (the AK-4 is a Heckler & Koch G3 in 7,62×51 NATO).

The best deterrent is not only armed soldiers, but armed citizens, too,” Brig. Gen. Meelis Kiili, the commander of the Estonian Defense League.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Lance

    Be good idea to keep the Baltic states to use ex-Soviet weapons. Be better to use same ammo as your opponents. Russia will over run most of the Baltic’s before NATO could get any sizeable armored force could show up. Most Estonian forces could do is fight gorilla action to slow them down and let NATO regroup and mount a counter attack. Show more tanks Erik. Show T-80s and new T-99s.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Gorilla actions can get messy.
      I hope they keep the zoos from being captured.

      • Riot

        ” Tanka’s T-90″
        “Strategy is to bend barrel with silverback strength.”

        • Billy Jack

          Me and Ooklah don’t take no backtalk from no socialist armor.

      • 360_AD

        Especially when they throw poo.

      • wartzilla


        • john huscio


          • Anonymoose


          • Billy Jack



        • Billy Jack

          #justiceforgrapeape why does he have to sit on that little van? #cantbecomfortable

      • LibsMakeMeLaugh!

        Guerilla, not “gorilla”.
        A guerilla is from the Latin “guerra”, which means “war”.
        A gorilla is an ape.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Nah, that doesn’t sound right.

          • Billy Jack

            You’re one of my online heroes for that.

        • Vitor Roma

          Guerra is of germanic origin, has the same root that war does. War is latin is bellum or something like that. Yeah, portuguese and spanish has some germanic words like guerra, blanco, flanco thanks to the visigoths that migrated to the iberian peninsule.

          • FreeClue4u

            Krieg is Germanic for war, not guerra. Guerra means confusion, which is exactly what guerilla warfare is about.

          • Vitor Roma

            Krieg is german. German is one specific language, germanic is a family of languages.

        • Tassiebush

          Well technically speaking a guerilla is an ape also…

        • Riot

          Its Spanish for “little war”
          Similar to the French “nom de guerre” name of war.

          • cmbv79

            In Portuguese “Guerrilha” doesn’t mean little war, but war by insurgence.

        • FarmerB

          Latin for war is “bellum” – that’s where Parabellum comes from.

    • Drew Coleman

      We could respond with airstrikes and such fairly quickly, it would depend on Russia’s ability to project airpower.

      • 360_AD

        Facepalm. Airpower can’t hold ground.

        • Ebby123

          YES-HUUUH IT CAN!! Look at how well we’re holding the ground in Ira… oh sh*t.. um… well look at our marvelous success in Lybiaaa crap. But we’re still doing great in Afhganistan, right? RIGHT?

          Airpower is primarily only useful against standing armies and grouped combatants. Even predator drones with IR cameras can be defeated with a simple heat-signature suit made out of common materials.

          • 360_AD

            And the funny thing is he speaks AS IF Russia does not have a capable air force. While slightly technologically inferior, they have vast numbers of formidable gen 4 and 4.5 fighters. Fighters that are much less complicated and sensitive to adverse operating conditions. Plus, their forces are less likely to be hamstrung by cautious rules of engagement. IF there is ever to be an air-to-air only conflict, it would be lose-lose. The patriotism fueled bias is understandable, but it’s also foolish!

          • john huscio

            How many of those fighters are airworthy and operational at a moments notice?

          • 360_AD

            And how many F-22s or F-35s (laugh) are combat operational at a moments notice? These are answers no one outside of command knows. Moot to even bring it up.

          • BearSlayer338

            I think it is foolish to think that they are inferior technologically,especially when it comes to military small arms tech.
            They aren’t outdated,but our information on them and their tech is very much so,their tech may be cruder but it will do a better job as they design their stuff to last and to be hard for an idiot fresh recruit to ruin.

          • Billy Jack

            If they are overmatched technically in airpower and anti aircraft, people better hope their ICBMs and tactical nukes are as well.

          • 360_AD

            Newsflash: the discussion thread you are adding to isn’t talking about small arms.

          • iksnilol

            Only if you don’t move.

          • kevinp2

            “… simple heat-signature suit made out of common materials.”


          • Joshua

            well Links red tunic works against fire so probably

          • Stan Darsh

            Mylar, wool, neoprene, netting, ghillie suit, etc. are all wearable items to help mask IR signature as do HVAC vents, glass/plexiglass and foliage, although those are mainly used for masking during a TI scanner fly-by. There is a good article on the subject at modernsurvivalblogDOTcom listed as “How To Block IR Infrared Thermal Imaging”.

          • Ebby123
          • Bill

            Good luck with that.

          • Ebby123

            With what?

          • kevinp2

            Interesting link, thanks for posting!

        • Drew Coleman

          No it can’t. But it can disrupt their advance and supply lines ahead of a ground response.

          • BearSlayer338

            yeah if they aren’t prepared for it,but this is Russia we are talking about,I guarantee you they would have ground to air defense systems in place before we could even get in range.

      • Darkness 99

        With S-300’s, S-400’s and the upcoming S-500 (not to mention the numerous smaller AA systems) that area is one big AA/AD zone. Lots of kamikaze pilots will be needed for the mission.

    • AC97


    • Audie Bakerson

      But Russia doesn’t use 7.62×39 anymore.

      • iksnilol

        Just use captured Russian weapons against Russians? Would be nice supplement.

        Works well in videogames, never ran out of ammo 😛

        • mazkact

          It worked pretty well for the Fins.Soumi Sisu !

          • iksnilol

            + It provides additional motivation to succeed/kill them… since you get more ammo to do it more to get even more again 😀

          • almost everything can work reasonably well against Russians… until you really piss them off, and then there’s always a hell to pay

      • FreeClue4u

        if the Russians are the primary source of arms for your battle 7.62 NATO is useless.

    • Tassiebush

      You have my sympathy regarding the perils of autospelling and not being able to edit it!

    • Wolfsbane

      “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”

  • User

    I think its good. Nothing worse in such a situation than a unmanagle high amount of helpless uninformed civilians dying and suffering in masses. (survial guide)
    And i think the weapons guide is rather to distinguish Soliders (at best at a certain distance), if theyr Russians or your own Army, many civilians propably would have problems with this.

  • MPWS

    Knowledge of Russian firearms will protect them from invasion? And, where is logic leading to it? What would Russia gained by doing so? 🙂

    • Rick O’Shay

      It’s not that it would protect them, but it can aid in making sure civilians can identify the good guys from the bad guys. The baddies don’t really go around with skulls on their uniforms as much these days.

    • Just Sayin’

      Google “little green men” and you’ll see why. Purin sends them in with no uniform insignia, chaos ensues, Baltics fall (see Ukraine). Weapon knowledge might be useful to ID friend from foe.

      • Tritro29

        You do understand that “Polite People” were in Crimea for longer than Ukraine has existed as an independent state?

        On a side matter those who blockaded Crimea and took it back, did so after a clear political deal was made with the Crimean leadership. Occupying a country tends to lead to armed conflict, which has failed to materialize in Crimea. For obvious reasons. Compare with Iraq or Afghanistan (ours and yours) for more details.

        • Just Sayin’

          It’s widely known that Russia also employs an army of on-line trolls to spread disinformation on forums such as this. They seem to have a gathering here.

          • MPWS

            … and you’ve gotta be one of them 🙂

          • Just say’n

            If so, I would’ve already been taken out back and shot for spelling “Putin” incorrectly in my post above. 🙂

  • Cymond

    While a survival guide seems useful, I’m not sure how important it is for civilians to be able to accurately identify the exact sidearms being wielded by Russian invaders. I mean, does it really matter?

    • iksnilol

      Kinda, since good guys likely wouldn’t be using them.

    • JT303

      I suspect it’s more in the event of finding weaponry. Identifying things like landmines seems more useful to me, and recognising enemy vehicles is also probably worth including. I think instructions on how to make discovered firearms safe would be helpful to add, as well as awareness of traps etc.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      I think its for the purpose of identifying enemies based on their equipment. Its possible that you may encounter an enemy with only a handgun. I wonder if the manual also included the Russian issue camo pattern.

      The book is 75 pages and 3 pictures doesnt take up much space.

  • LibsMakeMeLaugh!

    I doubt if Lithuania has much to worry about. Russia will nuke the US and the US will nuke Russia. Nobody will be in much of an “invading” mood afterwards.

    • snmp

      the New Russian ICBM RS 28 “SATAN II” who could nuke an country of times the size of France or UK

      • Anonymoose
      • joe tusgadaro

        No it couldn’t…

        • BearSlayer338

          Don’t underestimate a potential enemy,the Russians excel in rocket design and even NASA Rockets are Russian made. Also don’t forget they also beat us to space by several years and we still don’t have anything comparable to their Tsar bomb,which this new bomb is more powerful than.

          • Max Glazer

            Tsar Bomba was 60Mt in Russian high-explosive equivalent. To this day nothing was made that matches it. Interesting note: the original intended power was Tsar Bomba was 100Mt, but for the purposes of testing the power was reduced. Only 3 were made. Even combined power of all the warheads of a single modern ICBM, whichever you want to use for comparison, wouldn’t touch Tsar Bomba.

      • adicontakt .

        did you had an orgasm when you post this?

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    “The best deterrent is not only armed soldiers, but armed citizens, too,” Brig. Gen. Meelis Kiili.

    Hmm yes it is.

    • Trey Heldmann

      Too bad more people in the U.S. don’t think this way.

      • Anonymoose

        Too bad more people in the West in general don’t think that way.


          Who the heck is going to invade the US, such that armed citizens here at home could possibly make a difference? England, again? Mexico? Canada? Come on, Red-dawn-ista…

          Are you suggesting that armed citizens would deter criminals? That is what laws, and cops are for. You are missing the point of the article– this is about foreign invasion and occupation a la Ukraine. Not domestic psychobabble.

          Or are you suggesting that armed citizens would deter our own government from going all King George on us? That is what voting is for. Try it!

          Firearms. Not Politics.

          • Just Sayin’

            Take a Valium. The founders intended for every able bodied man to be in the militia for exactly these reasons. In fact, many states (like UT for example) have militia laws on the books. You may be a member and not even know it.

          • Sulaco5

            Title Ten US code describes the “Militia” as all able bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45. You ARE in the militia or have been..

          • Nunya Bidniz

            That’s US code. In English common law [upon which much of our legal code is based] the militia is 16-60. 18-45 is just the ages liable for conscription, not the limits on who can participate.

          • Anomanom

            Yeah, it would be nice if the militia was a bit (or a lot) more regulated though, which is to say, a real, actual militia with things like training and leadership (maybe even some uniforms).
            What we have now is either a group of guys avoiding their wives while drinking beer and shooting guns in the woods, or well-armed gangs of more or less white supremacists.

            The founders and real minutemen would probably cry.

          • tsh77769

            Dude, don’t be such a jerk! Yes, the 2nd Amendment is to keep the Government from going all King George on us. That is EXACTLY what it is for. Yes, voting is a part of that. What happens if voting doesn’t work or becomes corrupt? Everything is our Government is based on checks and balances and redundancy. The 2nd Amendment is the backup plan if voting fails. There are 3 boxes of American Freedom which should only ever be used in the following order, Soap Box (freedom of speech), Ballot Box (freedom to vote), Bullet Box (when the other two are gone).

          • Sulaco5

            Soap box; Ballot box; Ammo box. The true progression of history. citizens can’t fight the government? Tell it to the Vietcong.

          • KestrelBike

            For my own knowledge, what supreme court case stated that? My moron liberal sibling thinks that cops MUST go into your house immediately to save you. I know she’s wrong, but don’t know the legal provisions for that.

          • Rick O’Shay

            Castle Rock v. Gonzales. Warren v. District of Columbia is also frequently cited, but that one is at an appeals court level, rather than Supreme Court.

          • Sulaco5

            It went to the Supreme court and they backed the Fed District Court decision so it stood as decided.

          • Sulaco5

            Sorry should have included that. Case started as a DV case in WA DC and was decided in the gov favor by Fed District Court as Castle Rock v. Gonzales No. 04-278 in 2008. It was sent to the Supreme Court for review and the Supremes found for the District Court ruling against the plantifs who were looking to punish a city for not enforcing a court order in a DV assault case.

          • Greg Tag

            For the idiots who say ” the police will protect me” – they are ignorant of the law…

            The case is Castle Rock v. Gonzales 545 US 748 (2005)

            The Supremes ruled that as much as they sympathized with Mrs. Gonzales, ( she had a protective order against her crazy ex-husband- he broke in and killed their three children and himself while she waited for a police response- she sued them for failing to protect her) the City of Castle Rock Police had no DUTY to enforce a protective order and could not be sued for failing to do so. Police have a general duty to protect the public, but unless someone is literally in custody, no one specific person has a right to police protection.

            see also

            Warren v District of Columbia 444 A.2nd 1 (DC 1981)
            and Barrillari v. City of Milwaukee

          • KestrelBike

            Super, thanks for the other cases!

          • Nunya Bidniz

            “Protect & Serve” is just marketing/propaganda. The Supremes have stated unequivocally that the police exist solely to enforce the law. That means collecting the evidence after you’re dead so they can track down, arrest & hopefully convict your murderer. Prevention of your murder in the 1st place? Not their job!

          • marathag

            “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else at hand?…The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If……if……We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more—-we had no awareness of the real situation…….We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
            –Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

          • Tritro29

            Quoting Solzhenitsin is a symptom of drug abuse. The man is completely crazy, if we followed his opinion Russian Nationalism would be barely different from the 3rd Reich. Do not forget that thinking that the enemies of your enemies are your friends you end up with no need for enemies. That man was rabidly anti-semitic and could figure easily on Stormfront for what he is worth. Ironically no one quote Sakharov albeit his message is worth reading.

          • Edeco

            Voting? Bleh. Etiam si omnes Ego non.

          • Steve Hall

            By not voting you give the ruling classes the constituency in needs to justify its oppression of you.

          • Edeco

            Sounds like you’re their constituency. I’d take you away from them if I could, but their message drowns mine out for most people.

          • FreeClue4u

            You are terminally naive. Voting has never taken a dictator out of power but has put plenty in power. The law and police are not there for your personal protection and do not exist for that purpose at all. What works for a foreign invasion is just as useful in a civil war, which by the way, has already happened once.

          • Billy Jack

            Armed citizens are the reason there is a United States of America. What one King and his supporters can do, another can. Let me know when rule of law dictates the actions of the powerful.

          • Ron

            It is not for the prevention of invasion but instead to provide a counter-weight against the nature of all governments to become tyrannical.

          • Basque

            You are thinking only on today scenario, with a 2016s powerful USA. But it isnt soo irreal a one future with WW3 against China and Rusia or one of the two. Imagine USA weakened by civil war or WWIII, and one foreign enemy ofering to Mexico the USAs border to Mexico states if Mexico invade those states, and Mexico thinking “hey, USA is a sinking country now, and if i dont take my piece of cake other will take it”. Mexico now is allied of USA, but Japan isnt friend in wwII, Vietnam now is not enemy country, but 50 years ago it was.
            You think that it is imposible this future scenario or other similar scenarios with same result ??

          • Basque

            I think that in that world there is no country safe of invasion when history put the means.

          • roguetechie

            No, jackwagon

            It’s going to deter the most hostile and likely to invade or etc force in the world… Our own government.

            If you come back saying how unlikely that is… Just DON’T

            You’re just some dude on the internet… Meanwhile the founding fathers want you to know that not only are you wrong, but you’re stupid, you suck, and they hate you.

          • valorius

            Mexico has been invading us one illegal at a time for decades.

          • Steve Hall

            Owning a firearm is politics. Orwell said something to the effect “you may not be interested in politics but politics is interested in you.” Imperial Japan considered invasion of Hawaii and some sortie landings on the west coast but Yamamoto discouraged it “you will find a rifle behind every blade of grass”

        • Billy Jack

          Why should they? Slaves, cowards and the uninformed.

      • Krogort

        In case the US get invaded by mexico or canada ?

  • Marko Tesla

    Hey Erik, Guns not (Lithuanian) politics

  • Minuteman

    What concern is this to us? I don’t see any added value in this article whatsoever given the spirit of our web site. This WILL start political flame war and I don’t think any of us is interested in opening that can of worms. I wish TFB would just stick to covering the US commercial gun market and stay away from politics or anything remotely related, as well as the unobtainium for that matter….

    • iksnilol

      Eh, they should cover international gun markets. Woulda upvoted you if you hadn’t put that part in.

      • Minuteman

        That’s what I meant with ‘covering the US commercial market’. As in: including imports. I’d love to get my hands on the SIG Arms portfolio, but due to Swiss export laws we can’t get ’em. No point in covering unobtainium. No matter how much greener the grass on the other side off the fence is. YMMV.

        • iksnilol

          So guns you can’t get are suddenly uninteresting ?

          For shame.

          • Minuteman

            I’d love to have a helipad on the roof of my house and own an AH-6S, but those things simply aren’t for sale. What’s the point of drooling over guns/women/cars/houses/yachts/[…] you’ll never have? I’m very down to earth, if I can’t get my hands on it I don’t bother, and I most certainly don’t care about the military -any military. Civilian gun ownership and gun rights are my game. Again, YMMV.

          • iksnilol

            Eh, cool stuff is cool stuff.

            Whether you can get it or not is not really relevant. Just like seeing reviews of super cars in car magazines.

            + some of the stuff you can’t get I can get easily (literally anything made in China). While stuff you can easily get I can only dream of (due to damned ITAR).

          • Minuteman

            Fair enough. I prioritize my time, let’s put it that way.

            Anyways, I think of guns as tools geared towards serving a specific purpose, and I don’t need more than 5 of ’em.

            -Hand guns (WC1911, P226 MK25) are for carry/personal protection/home defense.
            -Centerfire hunting rifles (Winchester 70 Supergrade) are for putting food on the table, and quite possibly serving as sniper rifles if need be.
            -Semi auto rifles (PWS MK116 Mod 2, DDI hammer forged milled AK-47) are for deterring those who try to take ’em away, as well as for use in the highly unlikely events of SHTF/WROL/Foreign invasion/Zombie apocalypse and what have you not.

            As for shot guns, I have no use for ’em. A semi auto rifle will do everything a shot gun will -with the possible exception of breaching-, and more. And will do so with better performance across the board. If I had to pick one I’d go for a Benelli M4 though.

          • iksnilol



            I think this is the first time I’ve met a person with the same view on shotguns such as me… though I will get one for the cheap/easy to make ammo.

          • Minuteman

            Oh they’re definitely fun to shoot though! Just don’t serve any real significant purpose, at least not for my needs. Nor do I understand folks who insist on mounting optics etc on shot guns. No need for much if any bells and whistles on a LE/CQB breaching tool.

          • iksnilol

            + at like 20 meters with open chokes (AKA no chokes) you don’t really need sights on the thing to make effective hits.

          • Minuteman


  • lee1001

    Vladimir Putin and Russia are not our friends

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      Punch drunk on MSM kool aid is no way to go through life son.

    • FreeClue4u

      I can see you’re with her.

      • iksnilol

        Y’all forgot about the Cold War?

        Fur fox sake the commies aren’t your friends, you, Americans, of all people should know this.

        • Billy Jack

          Um comrade, Rushah is oiligarchy too now. Jus like America!

          • iksnilol

            I never said y’all are the good guys either.

            Just saying that you shouldn’t find yourself in the situation where your main rival for more than 70 years is suddenly your friend. ‘Cause he ain’t.

    • Billy Jack

      I think forgetting about the Cold War ending and expanding NATO to their borders wasn’t friendly stuff. Look at what happened to JFK after he allowed Russian arms close to us. Putin is just doing that oiligarchy mathematics.

      • n0truscotsman

        You’re exactly correct.

        As I’ve argued before, much to the chagrin of cold war warriors who faced an existential crisis in 1993, we should have taken the opportunity to befriend Russia rather than drive them ‘eastward’ towards China and the non-western aligned paradigm.

        This is a mistake we will pay for in the 2020-2030 timeframe.

        I mean, for hell’s sake, WTF did we expect the Russians to do when NATO expanded eastward, followed by missiles, followed by covert overthrow of their allies?

        • Billy Jack

          The wrong crowd took advantage of the opportunity for action. I find it very disappointing that certain parties have been able to advance selfish wars instead of allowing for diplomacy, market expansion & peace to prevail with Russia, and Iran too for that matter. I guess peace isn’t as profitable for some.

          @WTF – I mean, why would they think I had an issue because I defecated on their doorstep? This is what happens when industries and govt officials drive policy rather than educated voters. Not too many of the latter around anymore either.

  • gusto

    I was frekkin jealus of our baltic brothers when we trained together

    they got the rifle my father served with, and served with in the home guard when I was growing up (no I don’t admit to him letting me shoot it when I was 12yrs old with some spare filled mags he just happened to have forgot to give back when one of his training weekends were over with

    my military service was compuslory, just a bunch of pimply 18 year olds playing war, until we trained with lithuanians, estonians and finns, these guys were our age but had the threat of russia in their DNA which we had forgotten.

    and there I was with a frekkin pea shooter ):

    I begged to become the FN Mag guy and seeing that I am 6’4 250pounds I was given that duty 😛

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    Lithuanians should worry more about their potato drunk neighbors to the north than the evil bear the media pretends exists to the east.
    Putin is a champion for Christianity.
    We cant say the same about the tribe running ZATO.
    Gen. Breedlove is a globalists scum.

    • joe tusgadaro

      10 points to the person who guesses correctly what the Z in “ZATO” stands for…the Corporal has laid sown the challenge.

      • iksnilol


        The acronym get’s kinda messed up then, since it becomes “Zionist Atlantic Treaty Organization” and as far as I know the Zion Altantic isn’t a real place.

  • Wolfgar

    I’m a little confused but what the hell have the Russians done to deserve this. From what I have seen, it is NATO and the US that has created the disaster in the middle East. Like I have stated before there are two sides to every argument and this is just more propaganda to stir the flames of hatred and war. God I’m sick of it!

    • iksnilol

      You do know that Russia has a tendency to invade neighbours? Ref. Checnya and Georgia.

      • Dario B.

        and U.S. an Nato troops are always at home with their families? Dude please

        • iksnilol

          Just saying, from a historical perspective I’ve got more to worry from Russia&Co than NATO and co. Only thing NATO and UN will do is indirectly(or directly through their incompetence) aid the enemy, then in the last year of the war and two years after the war they’ll do some bombing runs and say they helped while patting themselves on the back.

          So NATO&Co is irrelevant so long as Russia doesn’t do anything as far as I am concerned.

          • Billy Jack

            From a historical perspective you seem kinda misinformed.
            Also you probably don’t live in a Middle Eastern nation if you could say that. But if you’re European or North American or Middle Eastern NATO aggression (which is nothing but American economic warfare bought by our ICBMs) you do have something to worry about. ISIS, renewed cold war, invasion, extended domestic conflict, drone attacks with civilian casualties and terror attacks by agents set in motion or directly funded trained or directed by NATO members.
            The same economic forces that backed the assassination and aggression that started WW1 and WW2 still are at work. War is very profitable. Democracy, dictators, aid to terrorists, WMDs -the reasons for the aggression always sound righteous thus time around but it’s all about money.

            Russia invaded Georgia and Ukraine and is probing all former Eastern Block nations where the US and NATO are attempting to expand (Georgia) or destabilize or overthrow (Ukraine) Russian friendly governments.

            Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen all invaded or bombed and in total disarray thanks to the US and NATO.
            Throw in Somalia, Pakistan and a few other spots in Africa, South America and the Philippines if you want other spots the US is secretly, or less publicly, fighting wars with drones or small deployments.
            Pretty sure none of those were started by Russian aggression. Only Syria involves Russia and not as invader.

          • iksnilol

            You don’t think I know what a clustercluck NATO is?

            *sigh* I was hoping you were intelligent enough to realize that for me Russia is a bigger threat since I am in Europe. And Russians have already supported directly and indirectly Serbs in the 90’s. So I know which side is gunning for me and mine more.

            US and NATO seems to focus most of it’s destruction to the middle east… to earn money of course. Only explanation as to why Saudi Arabia was ignored after 9/11 (despite the vast majority of the hijackers being from Saudi Arabia).

          • Billy Jack

            If you’re in the mix over there you obviously see things first hand. I’m sorry you’re subjected to that. It’s not my choice of how international relations should be conducted.

            How’s NATO working out for Ossetia or Crimea? I understand your perspective but there are others. Some would argue NATO is putting these smaller nations at risk by pursuing them as members with no real intention of potentially destroying the world over their security. The posturing and announced deployments will likely only result in more conflict before troops arrive. NATO also isn’t a girl scout troop. How would you feel if a man who threatened to kill you started hanging out with your next for neighbor? Conflict is a two way street sometimes. Just saying. Not a lot of choices for nations who aren’t nuclear powers. Do you think Ukraine would be intact if they hadn’t signed the worthless treaty paper agreeing to give up their nukes?
            Might makes right brother. Sad to say.

          • iksnilol

            Well, I dunno, I don’t think NATO has threathened Russia any since the Cold War.

          • Banned 762 Times

            The Cold War has not ended as the USSR collapsed.

          • Billy Jack

            Signing up a country you rely on for munitions and trade is a huge threat for Russia. Take away their naval port? And put foreign troops and missile systems on their border? NATO shot down a Russian bomber. Turkey, a NATO member,shot it down in a planned event that had to be preapproved by NATO then immediately invoked the NATO agreement so they wouldn’t be alone if Russia attacked them. That’s not something that even happened often during the Cold War.
            Not sure what the goal is in provoking conflict but it’s there and consistent. Maybe probing capability or making them use their limited resources. Some people suggest it’s to provoke a nuclear strike others say Russia wanted the uprising in Ukraine and allowed it to happen. Lots of agendas in play and no beautiful Kalishnikov Concern weaponry for us 🙁

          • Banned 762 Times

            Yes, Iksnilol is more than just misinformed. He is cunning.

            Russia’s “invasion” of Georgia started as Georgia’s invasion of South Osetia, a part of Russian Federation. In response the Russians came and kicked them out and back to Georgia.

            Russia’s “invasion” of Chechia started as Chechen separatist militias attacking Russian government facilities. In response, the Russians came and began fighting against them.

            Russia did not invade its neighbours, there are no Russian troops in Georgia, and Chechnia is not just a Russia’s neighbour but a part of Federation.

            The problem is, Iksnilol comes from one of the former Yugoslavian republics and thanks to the NATO he is living now a good life in Scandinavia, as a “refugee”. And the Russians supported Serbians. The Russians didn’t want Iksnilol to become a refugee.

            Bad people, bad bad bad.

          • iksnilol

            Thanks to NATO? Refugee in quotes?

            Oh, “comrade” Sermon 7.62? Is that you? 😀

            I might be cunning but you’re more cunning than me by witholding info. “South Osetia” was insurgent group supported by Russia to give Ruskies an excuse to invade. Checnya wanted independence after fall of your oh so glorious CCCP, and in response y’all subjugated them… just like in the CCCP.

            And then the cherry on top: NATO did very little in Bosnia and UN actively aided Serb war criminals (via feigned incompetence). And Russia did directly send troops and equipment to Serbia. But you are correct, in a sense, the Russians didn’t want me to be a refugee because they’d rather have me dead.

          • Banned 762 Times

            Bro, South Ossetia was not an insurgent group but a part of Georgia, that declared independence just as former Yugoslavian regions such as Kosovo did. Your ideological support of a “free choice” and all that should encompass their will as well, shouldn’t it?

            From Wiki:

            “South Ossetia declared independence from Georgia in 1990, calling itself the Republic of South Ossetia. The Georgian government responded by abolishing South Ossetia’s autonomy and trying to re-establish its control over the region by force. The crisis escalation led to the 1991–92 South Ossetia War. Georgian fighting against those controlling South Ossetia occurred on two other occasions, in 2004 and 2008. The latter conflict led to the Russia–Georgia war, during which Ossetian and Russian forces gained full de facto control of the territory of the former South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast.”

            Russia didn’t need an excuse to invade. And in Chechnia, the war was started by their generals. The Chechen generals. Read about that first.

      • Tritro29

        We invaded Chechnya? We invaded Georgia? When did this happened?

        • iksnilol

          Mate, I know you’re a commie that basically bathes in the pro-Putin Kool-aid. No sense in arguing with you.

          We both know history, yet you seem awfully fan of denying it. Y’all saw people breaking loose after the collapse of your beloved CCCP and had to do something about it.

          • Tritro29

            Chechen intervention didn’t happened under Putin, it happened under Eltsin, I was scared shitless and my mother as well because she felt the war was going to drag on and I was going to end up drafted. I’m not in the mood to deal with this Red Scare BS right now. Chechnya when the Federal Army entered its territory was Russian land legally and de facto. We didn’t invade squat. The war took a turn for the worse because we never were prepared to fight that one and that Eltsin was too scared to defend its own territory for fear that his US friends were going to pull a coup on him. That’s why it became a huge Las Vegas on the Terek for weapons black market and international terrorists. They won round one, we won round two. So far there hasn’t been a round three.

            What history do we know? That the Georgians started shelling Tskinvali to restore “constitutional order” and in the process hit the Russian peacekeepers stationed there and that they had agreed upon? Well try attacking US PK’s in international deployment and see what happens.

            Basically if we were to know the story, you would be lying between your teeth right now. And that’s what just happened. Repeating a lie will not make it a truth. We know that, because Lenin tried and failed way before you.

          • iksnilol

            To be honest I am diggin the Cold War nostalgia.

          • Tritro29

            Frankly that’s all cool when people are like minded, because at the end Cold never went Hot, punches thrown, curses were exchanged etc, but no one sent the nukes flying. But this time, it isn’t about ideology. Lies on both sides are petty and stupid and foment the same kind of situation that prevailed in WW1. When a little lie would go too far.

          • iksnilol

            Cold War never went hot?

            I guess, if you don’t count all the proxy wars. Tho I did like the space race. You should do stuff like that again.

          • Tritro29

            Proxy wars are game on. They are the pressure release for when you don’t want the full experience but still that little scrape to remind you what war looks like. Space race isn’t interesting anymore, because there’s too much cooperation needed in a way or another. No one wants to cooperate, makes every one look soft and weak.
            Alas we are in the age of Lunacy.

          • iksnilol

            True, you got good points. Too bad, we’re gonna need space if things ever go hot what with the kind of weapons we have.

            Yup, Lunacy should’a been fun but… it’s mildly scary and obscenely stupid.

        • Banned 762 Times

          This fellow is a Bosniac Moslem, who left Yugoslavia thanks to the nationalist uprising and separatist wars and the NATO bombings of Serbia, and climbed on the Norwegian people’s back, so he is forever thankful to the Uncle Sam for that, and he hates the Russians for supporting Serbians.

          True, it makes no sense to argue here about Russia. Russia is bad.

          • iksnilol

            On Norwegian people’s back? You mean the lazy prideful folks who don’t work? Cause I see mostly Norwegians at NAV.

            What I have in life, is through hard work from me and my family. Family picked strawberries for crap pay in the beginning, I was with them working since we couldn’t afford a baby sitter, we fished so that we could save money on food. And now many years later I’ve got a car and am in college to be an engineer (+ I work on the side so that I don’t have a student loan).

            But yeah, am a lazy evil moslem boogeyman… OOGA BOOGA! 😀

          • Banned 762 Times

            Yeah, I know. Life is hard in Scandinavia. Terrible. You needed to go some nicer place, like, Morocco or something.

          • iksnilol

            No, it’s nice, if you are actually willing to put in work.

            Though there’s lazy folks like you who think money rains from the heavens.

      • Billy Jack

        Chechnya was Russia reclaiming part of their old nation. That was dirty with the whole false flag apartment bombings but do you remember a school held hostage?
        Georgia? Thank old Wrongway McCain of Sarah Palin fame for that. Bush and McCain were discussing Georgia joining NATO and Putin let everybody know how continued NATO expansion on Russian borders will work out. NATO is continuing to expand after the Cold War ended. Why? Is Russia continuing old Soviet war tactics and opening bases in Mexico? No. I’m not for nations like Lithuania being invaded by Russia but if they want to join a nuclear military alliance that is opposed to Russia then they kinda deserve it. Not sure how unchecked aggression is supposed to work out well for Russia.
        You do know even the plutonium disposal agreement the Russians dropped out of recently was interesting in that they were the only party actually disposing of plutonium. We never even built the disposal reactor, it was supposed to be built in my area. I don’t think they even broke ground for it.

        I’m not saying Putin is anything but a ruthless guy but so far he hasn’t started this stuff. The Syria war junk is all about Qatari natural gas displacing western European reliance on… Rushahhh’s natural gas in the winter. NATO and the US don’t care about democracy or war other than how these things serve their interests. And I’m not saying that isn’t wise either. I just don’t like the truth being distorted. If we are to be ruthless money seekers do be it, just let people be informed about it.

        • iksnilol

          So you deserve to get shelled and killed if you goodness forbid want to ally yourself with somebody to get help if you were to be attacked? And Chechnya wasn’t really ever a part of Russia, It’s a completely different ethnic group.

          So one school hostage situation (where the Ruskies themselves f’ed up majorly) is the reason the entire country was basically levelled and razed ? Y’know what ? I’d say that’s madness, but considering the US’ reaction after 9/11, that does make perfect sense in your mind.

          Pardner, you seem awfully fan of that pro-Russia Kool-Aid.

          • Billy Jack

            Nope… No borscht Kool Aid. The re-acquisition of former USSR nations is no surprise to anyone. The war in Chechnya was brutal. I’m familiar with ethnic and religious variations in the Russian Federation. Weak nations get mistreated. It’s a dog eat dog world.
            If a nation is stupid enough to join a military alliance with a neighbor’s enemy what is supposed to happen? That’s Tic Tac Toe level strategy. Those who favor natural selection in economics and politics would stay they do deserve to die. They clearly aren’t smart enough to understand the US is not going to forget about mutually assured destruction because some small economically insignificant Russian border state who was nothing but a small victory stick I that old Russian bear’s eye is invaded by Russia.
            I may not like being less of a fighter than Mine Tyson but that doesn’t change the fact that if I threaten him he could beat the proverbial excrement out of me. Life ain’t fair and NATO serves its strongest nuclear power nations far better than the latest acquisitions. That just life. You think Mexico likes being dominated by its neighbor to the North? Telegrams to Germany during a world war show they don’t. You see them inviting Russian military advisors over for dinner? No. They aren’t stupid.

            It’s not just or fair. Wait a few years and you’ll see China do similar things with Asian nations who aren’t nuclear powers and are friendly with the US. A super power isn’t a super power if a small powerless state can disregard it as a neighbor. Blame the idiots who decided to join NATO. Ever hear of the Monroe Doctrine? If you’re China, Russia or the US you can do that. Not accepting that fact is to ignore reality and put your nation at risk.

      • Wolfgar

        Yes and the US and NATO have a tendency to throw billions to rebel instigators and outright intervention to change legitimate governments that don’t play ball.There is no moral superiority with the US and NATO considering some of the friends they keep and finance. Like I have stated before, there are always two sides to an argument and demonizing people or leaders seems ridiculous when our own leaders have behaved so poorly. I would rather see Russia and the US join forces to crush evil but that isn’t in NATO’s play book. I have more in common with the Russian people than the poor souls in Saudi Arabia. Nations have to have their boogeyman to stir up support for more interventions aka “WARS”. Like I said before, God I’m sick of it!

        • iksnilol

          Umm, you seem to misunderstand. I am not a fan of either side. But I know which side is the more likely threat as of now.

          • Wolfgar

            OK, I hope you live in peace and all this nonsense will dissipate so we can continue to argue about more pressing matters like if James shirts are too tight 🙂

          • iksnilol

            Ummm, sorry but that isn’t a discussion I am willing to take any part in. His shirts can simply be never too tight. Worst case scenario is that they’ll rip and tear by the sheer force from his… all too beautiful muscles.


      • guest

        Chechnia IS Russia, and as per the EU commission’s findings the first military casualties of the 08.08.08 war in Georgia were Russian UN-mandated peacekeepers that were murdered by their georgian “colleagues”.

        I know the winds of anti-russian propaganda are blowing especially hard in Europe, but all those Baltic states have a history of russophobia which is being fuelled buy lies like this.

      • Max Glazer

        Ummm before RUssian forces entered Georgia, their contingent of UN-authorized peacekeepers was under sustained attack by Georgian forces, and the city ot Tskhinval was bombarded by Georgian MLRS systems. Also many people that lived in the unrecognized republic of South Ossetia were Russian citizens. How they became such is another matter. Russians did nothing more then stop Georgian war machine. And it was Medvedev that ordered Russian forces to hold out outside Tbilisi. UN and USA had nothing to do with Russians stopping.

  • Mike Quote from a Japanese poet after WWII on why Japan never invaded the west coast. “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Perhaps not true of the left coast anymore. Citizens should take this pamphlet seriously, the Ruskies have a track record for being ruthless.

    This image is in my office as a reminder to what can be again.
    Patriots need to be vigilant.

    • Banned 762 Times

      This picture is a known fake. Photoshopped. The soldier is holding a Mauser M48 🙂

  • Raginzerker

    I think a pamphlet on “How to identify a suitable nuclear shelter” would be more useful

    • J. Murphy

      These aren’t preparations for a nuclear war (something that small countries like Estonia have no control over), they’re preparations for a conventional war where Russia moves into the Baltics and NATO backs down. Something that doesn’t look terribly unlikely considering you have a Russia that’s building up its armed forces and recently got away with taking a big bite out of Ukraine, and political instability in the United States.

      • Raginzerker

        Oh I know, I was only joking about the impending nuclear apocalypse when might face soon

      • Billy Jack

        Those British fighters and 4k troops should make Rushah think twice.

    • noob

      I looked for “branduolinis” the Lithuanian word for Nuclear. no hits.

      Russia now has a “De-escalating Strike” policy on the limited use of tactical nuclear weapons. If a future president decides to not honor the NATO mutual defense obligations and withdraws the bulk of NATO’s nuclear deterrent then a tactical nuclear weapon or two might have the same effect on a state that Russia is invading as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings had on the Empire of Japan.

      Not considering a CBRNE battlefield seems odd, since there are some aspects of the post Nuclear battlefield that play into the hands of a well prepared insurgency: for instance the decontamination facilities of an invasive force will by definition be in a safe zone, so if the invasive force is having to make sorties into or across a contaminated zone you can trap them there by assaulting their decontamination facilities and prevent them from being safe to resupply.

      To do this you’d need sufficient force to take the well defended decontamination facilities, and knowledge of how to find them, as well as basic knowledge and equipment to avoid or cross contaminated zones.

      • Raginzerker

        Huh, interesting, a bit scary, but definitely interesting

      • J. Murphy

        The Baltic states on their own aren’t large enough that Russia would bother with a nuclear strike on even a tactical level. Besides, it’d be pretty hard to set up a pro-Russian puppet government in say Tallinn, after dropping a tactical nuke on it. This is Putin we’re talking about, not Kim Jong-un.

  • Vitor Roma

    I like Lithuana just for the fact that their language is the closest one to proto indo-european.

  • Tritro29

    Hum, the best defense looks also like building “containment” facilities for your Russian-speaking Minority and if possible suppress their advancement by having this onion-like paranoia about Russia.

    Reads like a Operation Flashpoint operation manual.

  • Tritro29

    Also looking at a map doesn’t help the cause of the Baltic Talibans, the only threat around is Kaliningrad/Königsberg and it is firmly surrounded by NATO participants on all sides.

    Too bad the AK-12 isn’t going to look like that if it ever makes the cut.

  • 7n6

    The nazi collaborators are quite scared eh?

    • Banned 762 Times

      Not just the Nazi collaborators but the main instigators of Communism, too. The commie revolutionaries relied on the support of the Estonian and Latvian sharpshooters.

  • Stephen Paraski

    Hillary will hurry us up.

  • Billy Jack

    As a response to the US updating German nukes last summer in violation of existing treaty since they were replaced with stronger devices during an upgrade. The move was announced earlier. They just finally parked some there.

    NATO is run by one nation. We’re discussing NATO approaching and acting close to Russia not Russian encroaching on the US. Every Russian action has been in response to a US led NATO escalation. Leaving out the correct timeline of events in Ukraine,Lithuania and Georgia may be good for NATO from a propaganda perspective but it hardly helps us be better informed members of supposedly democratic nations.

  • nick

    One of the best assets a country has, is an informed, switched on and situationally aware populace. I cant think of a better thing that to be able to ask a fleeing citizen the size, make up and movement of a force, and get an informed, intelligent answer (yes, ive been in that very situation, in the Balkans, and did not get the needed humint to get a timely response rolling). Good for them for producing this document.
    My Grandfather and father fought the Soviet in the winter war of 39, and later the war of continuation , and I can tell you, despite our heavy losses, all of our people came together, even our Sami village elders worked as spotters and observers if they could not fight
    North America is pretty insulated against external invasion, but for many of us that come from places that have been invaded, the memory of Russia entering your home, literally, is near the surface, as is the iron will to resist. Being able to spot, and use Russian weapons and equipment is priceless ( and a good Sako and Vamet are also prized 🙂 )
    I am pleased to live in North America, where the threat of an invading army is of a distant memory, although, with an Iroquois wife, she feels somewhat differently on that subject !

    I wish true “susi” for everyone facing this


    • nick

      slip of the keys….
      Sisu 🙂

  • USMC03Vet

    Everyone fights, no one quits.

  • iksnilol

    That’s the sad truth of life, sorry if I seemed a bit angry, I just misread some of your comments.

    • Billy Jack

      Sorry if it seemed I want innocent people hurt or that I think Russia is the kingdom of heaven. Not hard with a KGB agent running the country. Let’s not forget he’s besties with Helmut Kohl.
      Actually i think the CCCP was more democratic. These guys don’t have eyebrows like caterpillars but they’re just as cold blooded. Not sure how the meek will inherit anything anymore.

  • iksnilol

    But you kinda attacked Finland, you cannae claim moral highground despite it being your doorstep.

    • Tritro29

      When have I ever played the morality card in this board? Fins were a threat to Leningrad, and that dumb war made sure they actually became one…

      • iksnilol

        How is frozen backwoods, even God himself forgot he made, a threat to the friggin’ CCCP?

        • Banned 762 Times

          Finns were offered a part of Karelia, a beautiful land in exchange of some inhabitated islands that Russia needed to protect Leningrad from the expected invasion of the Nazis, but refused. Russia asked them to rent those islands then, in order to build a naval base there, but Finland refused. So, the last chance was to get it by force. Finland didn’t get Karelia, it preferred a war.

          • iksnilol

            Well, maybe they didn’t want it because it was neutral ? >And letting someone build naval bases all willy nilly isn’t really being neutral.

          • meelan

            That’s why God wasn’t on their side, doesn’t like neutral people.

          • nick

            that, and does ANYONE here recall that the Finns fought a civil war in 1918 and removed the Russians by force? Finland was under Czarist control until then. Lets say we haven’t been BFF’s for a long time…
            Second, we only allied with the Germans during the war of continuation. During the Winter War, aid did come from the “west”, for us, but not in large amounts, the Sweds send guns, ammo and volunteers ( I have an SA marked M96 for example) , the british sent odds and ends and were raising a regiment to assist, and the US did provide at the very least, tacit support.

        • Tritro29

          Oh then explain to me what was the damn Siege of Leningrad then? A figment of our imagination? It was a threat because the Fins did not play along and were Pro-German (good for them) and had access to Leningrad easily. Then we signed the German-Soviet NAP which should have changed the situation, but it didn’t. The Germans were still a threat and the Fins still defiant. Even an illiterate like Stalin could link the dots.

          While the Fins had the guts to resist us, they would have no such strength to resist both sides, and they picked the one that allowed them their own form of government. Which made them also a co-belligerent with the Nazis? We made sure that one thing stuck once the Germans were gone. So yeah careful what you wish for and what you talk about. Big powers are also big insecure bullies. That’s the way it is.

  • Grump

    The comments here make me wish we’d be invaded by the kind of aliens from outer space. Seriously, I just want a translation of the advice manual.

  • guest

    The Baltic states (their govt that is) are not exactly known for being truthful, even less so when it concerns Russia.
    This is nothing but a retarded russophobic propaganda spin to scare the locals into believing that NATO membership alone is not enough, and that for some suicidal reason Russia would EVER attack NATO to begin with.
    Such lies are of course very useful when setting up more NATO bases, expanding the existing ones, setting up ABM-systems against “North Korea and Iran” and what not.

    Escalation will breed escalation, and just as the previous two instances (Cuba and Soviet nuke arsenal “peak”) played out all the way until US had to give in – same will happen again. Baltic states are nothing but a little stain on the map, the much bigger issue was and still is USA not being pleased with the world as long as there is ANYONE to challenge it in any way, and I use the word “challenge” very loosely here.

    But on the odd chance that a new big war does happens… meh, don’t mind it. I always loves the Fallout series anyway. Thing is though most of the western world will have to adapt to a horrible new reality as far as living conditions are concerned, while Russians will be like “meh, at least I don’t have to pay the heat and electricity bill, though I never received both anyway”.

    • marathag

      setting up ABM-systems against “North Korea and Iran” and what not.

      Use a Great Circle mapper, and check the path that Iranian missiles would take to get to W.europe or USA, then from Russias missile fields to those same targets.

      Note that the ABMs are in the path of Irans, and not Russia.

      • Tritro29

        °Sure it just happens that the ABM also covers the 4 strategic Southern Russia missile brigades that could retaliate on the US East Coast in case of war.
        °Also Iran if it needs to hit US forces it will strike on the Persian Gulf or Turkey, which is where the bulk of US hypothetical forces to invade would be.
        °It happens that Polish and Romanian sites cover a huge perimeter which is useless for Iranian attacks, because of angle.
        ° It also happens that Iran still has no missile that could reach any sensitive site or could even creep to the ABM sites as of now. The max range of Iranian missiles would barely go beyond Turkey. Iranian missiles going to the US is a symptom of cocaine abuse.

  • Just Sayin’

    Can’t get around the fact that it was a gross violation of a sovereign nation’s borders, unprecedented in history since WWII (GPW to you), Sadam & Kuwait not withstanding. If what you say is true then the citizens of Krimea should have held a referendum on the subject and succeeded without been bullied by little green men (a clear act of war, and deception, although I have to admit pretty brilliant for a ruthless dictator).

    • Tritro29

      Violation of borders? Is this a joke? Crimean crisis is a violation of the BSF separation agreement, which meant that the Russian BSF had all rights to move around the peninsula and stage military maneuvers with prior notice to Ukrainian BSF counterparts. They called out a transfer of troops from Sevastopol to Simferopol (second Russian BSF HQ). There they did not go only to Simferopol but took Dzhankoy, Evpatoria while Second VDV group went straight at Koktebel closing the Kerch. At no time did Russia invade Crimea, troops that took it were in Crimea as standing army and Navy groups as far as in the 19th century. Ironically the groups that Ukraine stationed in Crimea were all Soviet created army and PVO groups (like 62nd Fighter PVO). The take over was mainly peaceful and clearly backed by local majority.

      Also Crimeans have already held not one but three (3) votes to be a sovereign territory (one where the territory would even be independent) in the early 90’s. The BSF has also directly mutineered against the partition with over 90% of the ships willing to stay Russian. In every case Ukraine threatened violence and Russia didn’t want no bloodshed. Everything changed when the people at the helm in Ukraine had no issues with their buddies chanting Russians on the knives…Just ask yourself what would happen if Mexico went into an Anti-Yanqui frenzy. I think Mejico would have some troubles getting up after the bit**-slapping it would get. Well here it’s the same. The Russian government decided it would bit** slap the hell out of Kiev. We’re doing that as far as we can go. Also Ukraine for all its talk still hasn’t declared war on us. Why? Nor has it attacked Crimea. Why?

      Huge part of the Ukrainian contingent joined the Russian Navy (8000 right away about 5000 more re-enlisted until September 2016). The fact is this, Crimeans just wanted nothing to do with Russia’s Best Korea.

      An American speaking about the legality of borders, haha. So not farther than a week ago Miles V. made an article showing US SOF illegally supporting islamists in Syria, and they have been doing that prior to Russia taking over Crimea. You really want to talk about legality?

      • Just Sayin’

        Ukraine hasn’t attacked Crimea nor declared war because of the further bit** slap it would get, of course. They have the authority to defend their sovereignty but not the power (see Eastern Ukraine).
        I’m done feeding the Trolls, I don’t get paid to camp on this forum and post Putin’s propaganda. Good night.

        • Tritro29

          … pointing out dicrepancies = Putin bot now. OK.

  • misterrabbit

    USA /EU and NATO are now controlled by Cultural Marxists. Read Marx re Globalism, borderless countries, dissolution of nations, eradication of sovereignty etc. Thats why they hate Putin and Trump.

  • Max Glazer

    Russians would neutralize these three states like they did with Crimea. It’d take one night. There would likely no shots even fired. Polite men operating yo!

  • Guido FL

    What constitutes a nation ? If a nation/state can defend it’s borders then that is a nation. Thinking on that think Israel ! There are way to many states that claim to be nations but are actually tribal states both small and dependent on larger countries for defense and existence. Going on step further think; United States of America which actually in the name speaks volumes. These states with a flag and small army are mostly smaller than Texas and or Alaska thus easily over run by a armoured thrust.

  • Nunya Bidniz

    Wait, what? A well trained militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right to keep & bear arms may not be infringed? Huh? Whoever came up with *that* idea?

  • walter12

    I was in Riga this summer and all the young people wanted to do was to party, drink, and f–. I saw this with my own eyes. I do not believe that they were or are worried about the Russians again. Many Latvians are leaving Latvia for jobs outside of their tiny little country. Those that stay are either too young or too timid. Riga is a great party city and the English know this and come every weekend for the beautiful woman that Latvia offers.