New Guncrafter 1911 Long Slide 1911s: .50 GI, 10mm

Guncrafter Model 4

Guncrafter Industries announced a pair of new 1911 style handguns chambered for cartridges other than the .45 ACP. (Guncrafter Industries is the same company that makes the .50 GI conversion for the Glock 20 and 21 pistols.)

Model 4

The new Model 4 is chambered for the .50 GI cartridge and was designed for extreme accuracy in the field. It has a 6″ heavy, match grade barrel to offer improved velocity when compared to typical 5″ guns. According to the company, the design of this handgun “allows the use of more powerful 50 GI hand loads.” Guncrafter states that a 25% increase in muzzle velocity and a more than 60% increase in muzzle energy can be achieved in the Model 4 without increasing felt recoil much beyond that of a typical .45 ACP pistol.

Guncrafter expects this pistol to be good for handgun hunting and as back up in bear country.

Some of the gun’s features/specs:

  • solid match trigger
  • frame and slide machined from forgings
  • beveled magazine well
  • hammer, sear, disconnector machined tool steel
  • adjustable rear sight with tritium front (fiber optic, gold bead, etc. optional)
  • parkerized finish (Melonite, hard chrome, other finishes optional)
  • 41 ounces unloaded

The base price on the Model 4 is $4,125.

No Name Longslide

The latest addition to the No Name Longslide family is the 6″ model chambered in 10mm. This new 1911 style pistol is also suitable for hunting as well as informal bowling pin matches and other activities. As with the Model 4 above, the No Name Longslide promises improved accuracy from the increased sight radius and faster velocities with an extra inch of barrel length.

The No Name Longslide is Melonite finished for corrosion resistance. The base price on this pistol is $2,995.

Richard Johnson

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  • Renegade

    All I want is a Longslide 1911 in .45 acp for $1,000 or less.

    • Edeco

      Haven’t tried to buy one but blued MAC Bullseyes seem to be available for just under…

    • gunsandrockets

      I know that Rock Island Armory makes that. Buds lists one for $744

  • AC97


    And I thought the SP5K was bad…

    Why are 1911s so expensive anyway?

    • Al Wise

      It is essentially a hand crafted, hand built gun. Special materials and lots of man-hours. Like a supercar.

    • rkwjunior


  • David B

    I remember hearing about the .50 GI a while back and being interested in it, since it was a .50 caliber handgun but didn’t seem like an hard to control super magnum like what companies usually do with .50s. However, I figured it never really caught on and died out. Guess I was wrong.

    • Kyle

      No it still hasn’t caught on though it is still alive. Only one company makes guns in that caliber on a non custom basis and only one company loads ammo for it. I like the concept but the prices and scarcity are totally unappealing.

  • Scott Tuttle
  • I’m fairly certain that the Model 4 has been cataloged for a couple of years now, at least since 2014.

  • Dracon1201


    Seriously, it pisses me off so much, it’s already a longslide, give me double stack capabilities if you’re making it in 10mm, it’s not that out there.

    • Raven

      SVI/STI? The STI Perfect 10 6″ sounds exactly like what you’re looking for.

      • Dracon1201

        Didn’t even know that was out there. Pricey, but it would be an end all pistol for me.

    • DrewN

      Jesus, you must have hands like Andre The Giant.

  • USMC03Vet

    When a blingged out desert eagle .50 is cheaper you done f’d up.

  • tony

    back in 2004, 50 gi was all over the media,

  • ??

    $4K ???? I really don’t get it at all?? You can make so much more magic happen for so much less money. .460 Rowland is a monster of a cartridge in a semiauto platform. I prefer it in a Glock. But if you HAVE TO HAVE a 1911 well you can buy a kit for that. If you handload you get 155gr to 300gr bullets at any power level you could possibly want.

  • Southpaw89

    Have to wonder why they don’t offer conversions kits for 1911s, will the ammo not fit in a standard mag? Seems like it would go a long way towards making the ammo more mainstream and their products more attractive as a whole.

    • ??

      The mags are larger and the internal dimensions on the frame are larger inside. Not compatible unfortunately.

      • Southpaw89

        A shame but understandable, guess that makes the .460 the go to for a high powered conversion.

  • AJ187

    Punisher grips a must…

  • Sonny

    The No Name 1911, 5″ 10mm lists for $2995.
    The No Name Longslide 1911, 6″ lists for $3330.
    So a correction to the article should be made.

  • t rex

    you can get a conversion kit for glock model 20 or 21 for about $600