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Remington Arms Company announced a pair of new shotgun rounds for the Ultimate Defense line. Both rounds use 00 buck pellets.

The first load is a standard, or full power, load. It uses nine lead 00 pellets in a 2 3/4″ shell. This load is rated for 1,325 fps at the muzzle.

The second load is a “managed recoil” load that uses eight 00 pellets. Remington downloaded the velocity on this one to 1,200 fps. The lighter payload with reduced velocity results in less felt recoil. It is also in a 2 3/4″ shell.

Remington claims the rounds “deliver dense, devastating patterns” and that “short range patterns in smoothbore barrels are tight.” No specifics are given, so I would like to see how these pattern at 7, 15 and 25 yards. The wording seems to suggest that patterns are only tight close in.

Other than the packaging, I’m not sure how these rounds differ from existing 00 buck loads from Remington and other companies. While I expect both rounds to be very effective when properly employed, I don’t see anything new here. Perhaps Remington will follow up with additional information and let us know if this is more than a marketing effort.

Speaking of Remington’s marketing, the company recently announced it would be closing its Mayfield, Kentucky manufacturing plant.┬áThe company issued a press release using terms like “strategic decision,” “synergy” and “overhead leverage” to couch the firing of approximately 200 employees. The company will move the production lines from the Mayfield plant to its Huntsville, Alabama facility. Unfortunately, it does not appear the company will be employing an additional 200 people there, resulting in a net loss of jobs.

In happier news, you can follow Phil White’s tour of the company’s ammunition production facilities here.

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  • Will P.

    Probably the same 00 buck they’ve been selling for years with different packaging to attract the “tacticool” crowd.

  • Scott Tuttle

    I’m just not feeling the confidence in Remington these days

  • Austin

    So the same ammo rebranding stunt that’s been pulled over and over again through the years?

    • You mean zombie max bullets weren’t developed and tested on zombies?!!

      • Austin

        Of course they did, how else could they be green?

  • mutantpoo

    Ultimate defense buckshot and lower recoil ? Pffft, it’s called #1 buckshot.

  • Swarf

    So… 00 buck?

  • Southerner

    Yes, I would like to see more detail on this “new” buckshot line!
    What is the actual diameter and weight of each pellet?
    What is the percent of antimony in the alloy – how hard are these pellets?
    Yes, informed consumers know that high antimony content pellets don’t exit the barrel with multiple flat surfaces that degrade patterns. So tell us about it!

    And frankly, why doesn’t Remington abandon the old 9 pellet standard? All of Remington’s standard “00B” rounds use a “Power Piston” wad with the pellets stacked in layers of two and this is important. Why? Because stacking by two reduces radial compression during forcing cone and choke transit and pattern better with choke constriction! Oh yeah, that 9 pellet thing, all those two stack loads have plenty of room for a tenth pellet to join that lonely 00B pellet at the top of the stack -inside the wad! Yes, Remington, load 8 pellets in the low recoil load and 10 pellets in the full power load! Now that would not only be “new”, it would make sense!

  • nova3930

    When is someone going to consistently make a #1 buck SD load. #1 penetrates just as well as 00 and you get more total pellet cross section per shell….

    Federal makes one in with their Flight Control wad but you can never find the stuff.

    • FightFireJay

      “#1 penetrates just as well as 00”

      Not physically possible. “Nearly as well” or “well enough” sure.

      • nova3930

        please don’t get down into the semantic weeds of my particular choice of words. Considering 00 tends to significantly OVER penetrate the range generally considered optimal for human beings, and #1 comes right up at the maximum bound of 18″, I’d say that yes it does penetrate “just as well” in the given application.

        Those 00 pellets aren’t doing you much good when they pass completely through and into the wall behind your target to sum it up…

        • don

          well, maybe.. you get holes on both sides.. if your home situation agrees with fmj the exit affect may add to stopping threat.

    • Grump

      The downside is that full power 2.75″ #1 buck is a de facto “short magnum” load, since you’re pushing very nearly the same amount of lead at only 3% less velocity than a typical 2.75″ 12 pellet 00 round.

      • Southerner

        Forget about the “nominal” diameter and weight of buckshot pellets. Today “00B” and “#1B” are smaller weighing in at roughly 50 and 33 grains each respectively.