Remington Announces Closing Of Kentucky Plant

    Remington announced today they will be closing the Mayfield, Kentucky plant. This closure will take place over the course of several months. Relocation of the facilities equipment will be to the Huntsville, Al. plant. If you remember when I wrote about the tour of the Huntsville plant I related they had a large area in which to expand. Consolidating will make the operation more streamlined and reduce operating cost.

    Approximately 200 employees will lose their jobs when the plant closes it’s doors after 20 years in operation. The employees will be given severance pay as well as offered a service which will help them find new jobs.

    Remington Press Release
    Huntsville, AL – Remington Outdoor Company announced its plan today to close its Mayfield, Kentucky firearms operations in an effort to become more organizationally focused and competitive. Approximately 200 employees will be affected. The operation will be consolidated into their Huntsville, Alabama operation. Actual plant closure and transition to Huntsville will take several months. The two plants are roughly 250 miles apart. The Mayfield facility has been in operation for nearly 20 years and although there is a great team at this location the strategic decision to consolidate centered on three competitively oriented areas:

    • Logistical proximity and freight synergies
    • Organizational synergy and focus with engineering, sales and marketing
    • Facility overhead leverage and streamlining
    outplacement services.
    Employees will be offered severance pay and employment services

    Phil White

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