HK to Introduce SP5K MP5K-Pistol to US Market

HK SP5k 9mm Pistol

Three years ago, we broke the news that Heckler & Koch was introducing a new 9mm pistol based on the MP5K short submachine gun. Now, word has broken from Kentucky Gun Co. on their Facebook page that the pistols are headed to the States in July! This is a pistol that represents an authentic Heckler & Koch MP5-type weapon in a legal to import, legal to own with just a Form 4473, and a natural SBR host for a folding MP5K-style stock.


HK SP5k 9mm Pistol

HK SP5k 9mm Pistol as shown 3 years ago

The spec sheet for the new Heckler & Koch handgun is shown below; it embiggens by opening the image in a new tab:


Interestingly, this brochure describes the MP5K erroneously as having a “rotating bolt”. Image source:


Differing from the 2013 SP5K, the new version sports a removable Picatinny-type rail for optics and a revised forend. It comes in a lockable hard case with two magazines.

This is great news for Heckler & Koch collectors, obviously, but the not so great news is the Teutonic price tag: $2,700 dollars per unit, pricing out of reach of the average gunnie with fond memories of the first Half-Life or Die Hard.

Sill, if H&K meets their July release date, and if you’ve got that kinda scratch, then maybe you can make someone very happy this year and give them a machine gun SP5K, ho ho ho!




Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Tyler McCommon

    I knew as soon as I started reading I would never be able to afford this. Yet I still read the article….

    • mosinman

      i read the article and the only way i´d own one would be if someone gave one to me… maybe.

    • Marcus D.

      I knew before reading this that it will never be allowed in California.

  • Andrew

    lol at all the people who’ve paid $3500-$6500 for a mint SP89

  • MacK

    All my nfa done before 41p, bummer 😉

  • Grammer Comminist

    Is SPR the new SBR……..just curious.

    • It is when I am typing fast. Thanks for the correction!

      • Edeco

        slow is smooth, smooth is fast 😛

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Yessss. I’m going to start saving!

  • Joe

    $2700 for a 50 year old design? Makes me want to set my VP9 on fire…. Get a grip HK.

    • Austin

      It’s more that it doesn’t have all the features that it should than the age of the design.

      • Joe

        I guess by my comment I meant this: there are way more advanced weapons than the mp5, built on advanced, new tooling, designed by engineers who are still alive and drawing a paycheck for that design. And these weapons are less than half the price. It’s a shot in the dark, but I’d be willing to bet it costs no more than $500 for them to produce one of these. This is a $2700 toy (plus tax stamp for sbr). Nothing more. You could buy an sbr AR or AK, a silencer for it, 1000 rounds of ammo, 10 mags and still have money left over for beer at that price.

        • K-Gunner

          I’m not disagreeing with anything you’ve stated but just want to see when the guys who have paid well over $2700 for an way-older-than -50 year old design 1911. Standing by for the flames….

          • Joe

            Oh trust me, I think that is crazy. The most expensive 1911 I ever bought was a ruger 1911. It was a nice gun, but I sold it because I don’t think the 1911 has a practical place when it comes to real world use. Not to say they aren’t nice/cool guns. But people buying a “custom” 1911 at those prices have too much money lol

          • Joshua

            You never shot a Wilson spec ops. 1800$ now discontinued however, lifetime warranty by Wilson, rated +p all day long, 16+1 9mm, lighter sleeker faster. Amazing gun. You are right single stack 45’s are too expensive but this gun is otherworldly cool in every single aspect you gotta feel and shoot one if ever the chance. I thought the same thing until I shot one. I got mine used on gunbroker with 10 tuned mags and a holster for 1899$. Fit finish and trigger are all worthy

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            The difference is that you can still get an exceptional modern 1911 for under $1000 from Ruger, Colt, or Springfield Armory.

            The $2700 and up 1911’s are generally hand-made/hand-fit.

            It’s apples and oranges.

          • K-Gunner

            Agreed. I was just pointing out that knocking a gun based on a 50 year old design selling for $2700 would tick off those who pay well over $2700 for a 1911 design, albeit a precision crafted handgun. Sometimes older designs are just good. What people feel is worth paying for it can be varied. I think my SA and Kimber 1911s are great but I couldn’t pay what WC and NHC types are charging these days. It’s gotten pretty insane.

  • Carl

    How about the damn G36/HK293 that H&K promised? Come on, That’s what I want.

    • Austin

      At this point I think the best hope is if Zenith gets the license to build them.

      • Anonymoose

        Or PTR. I’d rather it be PTR, and I’d love to see them churn out some high-quality HK33/93/53s and MP5 variants with more availability than the custom shops that mostly do that kind of thing.

        • Blake

          Agree; it’s a little silly that a made-in-USA PTR91 costs 2/3 as much as the made-in-Turkey Z-41 MKE/Zenith equivalent. Kudos to PTR for making such fine stuff people can actually buy.

        • Evan

          I’m surprised PTR hasn’t made an MP5 clone already. At a decent price point it would certainly sell. No way I’d buy any 9mm that wasn’t full auto for $2700, but I’d certainly buy one if the price was comparable to the G3 clones they make.

  • RogUinta

    Too little too late, for way too much money. Enjoy your bankruptcy, HK….

  • Pete M

    No 3-Lug? No thanks.

    I don’t get it. Just build a semi auto MP5K. How hard is that?

    There are much better values in the clone world.

    • Rob

      MP5k doesn’t have a three lug.

  • Cuvie

    Where’s the damn HK 293 they said they were bringing over years ago?

    • Frank

      US factory isn’t tooled up to make US parts for it. They’re already in Canada.

  • Joshua

    $2,800 for a 9mm pistol and $60 magazines……What a steal.

    Here’s the thing, modern tactics have found that a 10″ 5.56 rifle far outclasses a 9mm MP5. In the civilian market you can get a 10″ Mk18 for far less than this, including tax stamp. You can spend the $1,800 you save on ammo, magazines, and training.

    • BattleshipGrey

      I won’t go so far as to say the MP5 design is obsolete by any means, but the price pretty much makes it obsolete. You’d think after 50 years of production, the cost of the tooling should be greatly diminished and make this an affordable gun.
      I kind of get that the licensed copies cost more than they should because newer companies have paid for the tooling more recently.
      Aside from .gov buying MP5’s, the price pretty much relegates it to range toys only, who would want to use one of these in a SD situation just to have the investigating LE agency seize it and you’d never see it again.

      • Jake

        It’s mind boggling that the MP5’s big .308 brother can be made for $850 by PTR, yet even the Pakistani copies are $1500+, and the “real deal” is almost $3000.

        • iksnilol

          Maybe because less production?

          More G3s than MP5s were made and are in demand.

        • Kelly Jackson

          Because the German mark (and the Euro) has more value than the US dollar. German labor is very expensive.

          • Rob

            You do know that Germany is in the Eurozone right?

          • Kelly Jackson

            You do know that Germany switched to the Euro but never said a deadline to cease the use of existing Marks right?

            You also know that the Euro is also valued more than the dollar? Currently 1 US dollar will only get you 0.88 Euro.

            Did you know that German labor costs were the #1 reason for BMW to shift production to the United States?

            I mean, you’re not just some low information social media “know it all” looking for a “win” are you?

          • LarryNC

            I remember back in the very early nineties, I heard a radio interview where a sitting U.S. congressman said that the actual or real value of the dollar (and I do not claim to understand how figure is reached) was something like seventeen or eighteen cents. A very close friend was working with me doing some machine shop work that I used to do, and he was also listening to that radio show. Fast forward to 2009, he and I were talking and he asked me if I remembered that particular show and I told him that I had recently thought of it and had wondered what that figure was now (that was 2009 though) and he told me that had been wondering that, too. About a week later, he sent me a video clip of a House committee meeting where one of the congressman said that it was now down to 4.5 cents. Our dollar was actually worth a measly 4.5 cents in 2009. No telling how low it has gotten now.

          • LetsTryLibertyAgain

            Compared to when the Federal Reserve (The Fed) was founded in 1913, the US dollar now has about 4 cents worth of purchasing power. The Fed deliberately creates inflation. Their “target” is 2% annual inflation, but it’s usually more than that. For all practical purposes, inflation is just another tax, albeit a hidden tax.

            The HK costs are so high largely because they pay high taxes and high labor rates, because their country operates under more socialist principles, and that drives up the cost of HK firearms imported into the US. The Germans are now paying for refugees in Germany and are also bearing the brunt of the costs to continually bail out less productive (more socialist) EU partners such as Greece, so look for HK firearms to be priced out of the American market to an even larger extent.

          • THULE_NORD

            You just proved his point..

          • Jim Bob

            That’s part of it, the other part is that HK thinks we suck and they hate us!

      • CommonSense23

        The MP5 is obsolete design. Sub guns are pretty much relics these days.

        • Ethan

          *pistol caliber* sub guns are pretty much relics these days.
          Fixed it for you. Of course now I’ve started a war on what the definition of PDW vs Sub-gun is. 😛

          • LarryNC

            That might be true, but I would still love to own a 9mm HK MP5. A real one. But I realize that will never happen of course. We mere mortals, in america are not allowed to own such things. Wouldn’t it be really nice if our government understood and acted as though the 2nd amendment actually said what it actually says?

        • joedeats

          Well in some cases no, if your using a long gun a “sniper rifle” and want something small and easy to use but an ordinary hand gun isn’t your choice one of these would sling nicely by your side. Many Russian snipers prefer something such as a Krinkov slung over their should as a back up close range weapon I’m sure this would fill the same need.

          • CommonSense23

            And it’s obsolete for that. I carried a MK13 sometimes in Afghanistan. Anytime I did I also carried my MK18. Every other sniper I know did the same. No one carried The MP5 for that reason. The weight and size difference between a 10inch AR vs a MP5 is small. The performance difference is huge.

    • aka_mythos

      But but but its like an MP5! Don’t you want to relive those Reagan years?!

      • Blue Centurion

        We all want to relive the Reagan years…..especially the Pre-May 1986 years.

    • Anon

      But at least with SMGs, they can be suppressed better since you can easily get them to shoot subsonic rounds without issue (with 300 Blackout, you are basically using a pistol round if it’s subsonic, since it can’t even go through soft armor). Well, that and they have less muzzle blast, weight, and recoil by nature than short-barreled 5.56 rifles.

      With all of that being said, when you can literally get three Scorpion EVOs for the price of one of these, it has no paddle magazine release, it doesn’t even have a three-lug suppressor mount, and you can literally buy clones for cheaper than this with more features, this new offering from HK is not going to sell well by any stretch of the imagination.

      Seriously, that price screams “Because you suck, and we hate you”.

      • stfram1

        It will sell, the initial batch is apparently 150 and they are pretty much all spoken for, with more than a few paying more than that insane MSRP.
        Not saying it’s right, but HK fans are well-heeled, especially when a SP-89 starts at four grand.

    • mosinman

      But it´s HKaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

  • CyberSamurai

    2 ordered because dual wielding is so FPS.

    • aka_mythos

      You nead 4! So you can casually drop instead of reloading!

  • Maxpwr

    Looking forward to getting one as a true collector’s item. Hope they actually come in before President Hillary bans them from import.

    • Jay

      I agree. I think people are missing the point. I can by a uberti 1873… and it is a SAA. It’s also about a third the price of a Colt. BUT when I lay down a Colt Peacemaker, and you see the prancing pony it’s just different. These guns won’t be for everyone, and it will be a novelty. I hope I get a shot at one at a price I can live with, if not, I’ll probably by a Zenith and lament. I hope the guys that buy them, enjoy the hell out of them and are nice enough to let me scream “now I have a machinegun….” while I shoot it.

  • David

    No 3 lug, no paddle mag release, could buy two Zenith’s for the price……but ermahgerd HK?

    • Budogunner

      About $1500 too expensive, especially considering the added cosy of having a 3-lug professionally installed.

      I’m glad I still have my MKE AT94. It doesn’t have HK stamped on it but it was built under HK license and cost WAY less than this.

      • Wanderlust

        More then $1500. There is no way this ancient tech is more then a $1000 gun. Stamped metal just isnt.

        • Budogunner

          I was being generous and going of of the initial release pricing of the HK licensed MKE AT94s. I think those reamed from $1000 to $1250 depending on model.

          If those could be delivered for those prices just a few years ago, so can these new models. I’m not going for HK to sell anything for close to what it actually costs to make them. That’s the one thing they WON’T compromise on….

          • LarryNC

            That is their motto, isn’t it. “In a world of compromise, some don’t!”

          • Budogunner

            That’s the joke, and why I sold off my HK firearms years ago. I had a hilariously bad call to their warranty department which landed them on my boycott list.

    • Nicks87

      This is really just a slap in the face, isn’t it… Thanks for nothing H&K, I hope you go out of business.

      • Ebby123

        Well aren’t you an entitled little special snowflake..

      • THULE_NORD


      • MichaelZWilliamson

        The Fanbois will buy it and sneer at those who will “trust their lives” to “inferior” non-HundK hardware.

        They’re more pretentious than Porsche owners.

        • Jim Bob

          I believe we also own Porsches :p

          • Steven Sparks

            997, M3 and my daily driver is a C7 A6.

      • LarryNC

        I do not want to see any firearms manufacturer go out of business. The way I see it is, the more of them that exist, the better. As long as they are making high quality and reliable firearms. Just my 2 cents.

    • TheMaskedMan

      I could get an SBR MPX with a suppressor, and still spend less money. The MP5 is the first thing that comes to mind when people think “sub gun,” but that price is ridiculous.

    • Mark

      Cool! A 4+pound Glock at five times the price!

      • Budogunner

        The only reason to buy one of these is to SBR it and run it suppressed. The roller lock operating system is still one of the best silencer hosts out there.

        Based on some testing, .300 BLK ARs have met or beat suppressed MP5s in some cases for sound reduction but cost of ammo is dramatically different so I still see room for the MP5.

        • Mark

          Be my guest. It’s still a free…. er, democratic…. um, greatest…. oh, heck… well, it’s still a country and you are still allowed to buy certain approved stuff.

  • Mike Reagan

    Ummmmmm…. can you say SP89. What’s old is new again

    • Anonymoose

      Yeah, watch Obama ban this before it’s even released.

      • Edeco

        That’d be neat, I mean, I don’t want it banned in point of fact, but it’d be a spectacular waste of fiat.

      • Surly Old Armorer

        He can’t. Rifles have to meet the vague, arbitrary and flexible “sporting purposes” test, thus the ’89 rewriting of “suitable for sporting purposes.” Handguns have to meet the objective criteria of the importation points system, which this will. Any change would require an amendment to the Gun Control Act, which Obama doesn’t have the votes to even attempt.

        Recall that the SP89 was banned by the “weighs more than 50 ounces” and “magazine inserts other than in the pistol grip” provisions of the ’94 Assault Weapon ban, not the ’89 import ban.

        • Anonymoose


    • Tahoe

      Yeah, how is this not just an SP89 with a new name, and why isn’t that mentioned?

  • ZMD

    Almost $3k and no paddle release in sight. GET OFF THE STAGE!

    • Cymond

      Excuse me, I don’t speak ‘HK’. Why is the paddle release significant?

      • ZMD

        Military/police production MP5s have a AK47-esque lever magazine release in addition to the push button on the side. It’s much smoother. The button is way too small and heavy to do a quick AR15 style reload IMHO.

        • spenserjb

          And you need orangutan fingers to reach the damn button.

          MKE guns have the paddle mag release for practical reloads, a tri-lug threaded barrel for multiple suppressor attachment options, and even a two-pin lower design.

          They’re cheaper, more faithful versions of the MP5 than this, save for the name.

          Still, I hope it does well. I want HK to see enough value in the US market to bring in an SP7 some day…

  • Twilight sparkle

    This gun is going to be a really cool flop in the market. They should have released it back in 2000 and 2000 dollars less

  • Ed

    Wish they make a full size HK94 import again. Well stick with a GSG5 for now.

  • Justin Roney

    As I read through the article, I was thinking “Congratulations HK, only 20 years behind. I wonder how much K foregrips and stocks are going for these days if I SBR one.” Then I got to the bottom of the article…$2,700?!?! YHGTBFKM. It’s time to turn this saying around…HK! You suck and we hate you!

    This isn’t just a complete failure of market research on their part, it’s highway robbery.

  • cons2p8ted

    $2700….I can get a MPX, a can, and a nice optic for that price!

  • Dylan

    So H&K finally decided to start reimporting the SP89 again after a 22 year hiatus?

  • Anon

    You could literally buy three Scorpion EVOs for the price of this, oh, and no paddle release or three-lug.
    How insulting…

    • jaeger0416

      I dunno about the paddle release, but German export laws might touch on something as simple as the tri-lug…

  • lowell houser

    It always mystifies me to see people buy a semi-automatic submachine gun. Or a semi-automatic beltfed. Well, a RPK or an AR can both be outfitted with slidefire, so those make at least a little sense. This is spending $3000 on a range toy because it’s stamped “HK”. No thanks.

    • HKGuns

      You can’t be serious. No-body uses slide fire, go back to playing Call of Duty now.

    • Jimmy D

      What. The. Actual. F$ck.

  • SLi-Fox

    Jeez…For that price you would think they formed the metal with their bare hands.

  • Steven Ling

    Could get a SIG MPX for half that. Sorry HK, you’re not the only game in town anymore.

  • Devil_Doc


  • Harrison Jones

    Why didn’t they do this earlier? Buy one for the safe and a couple of zeniths for the range with the price difference.

    • Bill

      They did, maybe 25 years ago, the SP89.

      • Harrison Jones

        I know about that. One of my buddies had one before I met him. My understanding was the import ban banned the gun by name. After 2004 H&K should have reintroduced it under a different name.

  • Edeco

    Meh. I like the idea of a locking-breech SMG-type pistol, but huge price, behemoth size, stubby barrel, pretty raw construction. I’m totally not feeling it.

    Come on Sites Spectre 2.0!

  • Eventually, PTR will realize that they can make oodles of dollars by churning out a series of MP5 clones. I’ll definitely buy one then.

  • Bub

    OK you have a short barrel pistol that won’t do anything a G17 w/ 33rd magazine likely wouldn’t do as well if not better for 1/5 the cost. So why did I get a tingly feeling as soon as I saw this thing?

    • Jay

      Because it is an icon, and an Original HK… Because EVERYONE you know has a G17, and only those cool kids with the 6 figure incomes have an original.

      I get the price, I don’t like it, but I get it. They’ll get it, and I doubt any of these will go for less than MSRP. I won’t be surprised to see them on GB for $3500 plus. Hell, SP89’s in good shape make a killing.

      This is one of those guns you grab if you got the coin and come across one, because in a couple years you’ll be the guy at the range that slides out his case… The clouds will part, a single ray of sun will shine down, and somewhere in the distance euro-club “music” will softly play… and on that day you’ll be the coolist kid, even the Fudd’s will overlook it’s lack of wood and nod with respect.

  • thewalkingfred

    $2700 for a gun that uses some of the cheapest manufacturing methods available? I’ll take five glocks instead.

    • Anon

      Hell, if you were willing to buy police trade-ins, you could get more for that much.

      • thewalkingfred

        Or a glock with a milled slide and an RMR with money left over for a backup glock.

  • DW

    Look at the price, and then look at the competition. Then tell me HK doesn’t hate us.

    Maybe they don’t. Maybe they even love us. But this is like pissing on us to show dominance kind of love.

  • Pete M

    TPM Outfitters. FTW. EOM.

  • J.K.

    HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.

  • Shayne

    Glade to here the HK fanboys will get the MP5 but I am not an HK fan. Got to shot a select fire while in the Corps and it was everything the hype said it was but over too quick. (not an operator – I was on range duty making targets and they had big whigs coming to look at equipment they bought, and they needed bodies to make the place look busy)

  • USMC03Vet

    Get F*****, HK. That price is insulting.

  • Cymond

    “it embiggens by opening the image in a new tab”
    It would help if the picture wasn’t a link to http://www.thefirearmblog com/blog/2016/05/06/hk-to-introduce-sp5k-mp5k-pistol-to-us-market/13124898_184797498581336_6054060770336073711_n/

    I’m on mobile, and my browser won’t let me open the picture in a new tab.

  • Dave D

    I have to stick up for HK. I too think the price is way to high for what you’re getting and its too little too late. No paddle, no three lug, no push pin lower and it looks like there are bars that need to be removed to attach a retractable stock. But even with that, I commend HK for bringing this to the market. My understanding is that only be a few thousand will be imported. Given the “low” import number these will be a big hit and sell out. Never under-estimate the power of the original.

    Most importantly, its the German export laws combined with the U.S. import laws that are preventing us from getting the guns we want. I suspect it is the German laws that are preventing the three lug barrel and push pins. MKE and POF are able to get three lug push pin clones in without issue. The sad part is that HK would have trouble even producing these in the US as German laws still consider this an export.

    While I will not be buying (already have a POF SBR I’m happy with except for the finish), I still support HK on their decision and hope they will bring in some model 53 pistols for SBR.

    • felix

      Right on, when people who know nutin bout somethin regulate it its just bad for the economy all around.

  • mosinman

    this makes my Draco C pistol seem extremely practical

  • Audie Bakerson

    I’d rather we repeal the NFA and get real ones.

  • thedarkknightreturns

    Brethren Armament makes the best clone for the money. The BAP 9 is made in USA really high quality and a better buy @ 1800 bucks. Plus Quinn and his brother are Vets and some of the best guys you will ever do business with.

  • Cope

    What’s up with those bits of sheet metal welded where your stock would go? Now SBR’ing it is going to require refinishing it. So much for an OEM finish. That was an assinine decision on HK’s part. I think I’d rather get an EVO. (and I was waiting for this)

    • Mr_X

      Lol, do some research on the gun this based off of: the SP89 / MP5K (and now the SP5K) take a different stock assembly from a standard MP5. It’s a shorter receiver, and the stock design sits inside the receiver, not outside like the MP5. Those “bits of sheet metal” are designed for a custom shoulder holster mount.

  • HKGuns

    Not so sure the pricing you have quoted is accurate. Regardless, I’ll be buying one. No 3 lug is indeed a bummer.

    Silly little gLoCker’s, hold on to your beers, all will be fine.

  • TimV

    $2700 seems fair for what it is. They were 1000 in 1990, adjusting purley for inflation it would be 1800ish today. Add the pent up demand, increased labor costs in germany, etc $2700 seems about right. Especially seeing that an SP89 can fetch well above $6000 dollars today.

    • Aaron

      $6000 now? Guess I should have held onto my HK’s and cashed in now. Not to mention the auto sears that truly made them fun. I used to think they were overpriced tin for $350 back then.

      • HH

        You were wrong. Very. I mean way wrong. Prob. more wrong w your assessment of hk sear values then than anything else in your life.

        That “piece of tin” routinely sells for over $30,000 today.

        And yes. Original German MP5k ( well, converted SP89s) routinely sell for $5,500-$7,500 .

  • Ben Pottinger

    There is something else going on with the price here. A new full auto MP5 for a police unit has an MSRP of 1200-1500$ or less the last time I checked (called a post sample).

    Something else is going on to make this 2.5 times the price (probably the simple knowledge that people will buy them regardless the price because it says HK on it).

    Lack of 3 lug is a real bummer though.

  • Dale Dimick

    I remember back when the 9/40 HK USP came out and called HK and asked if they were coming out with a 45acp model….They said that there was NO market for a 45acp in the United States.

  • I have to wonder how Zenith’s relationship with MKE is going to be effected by the espionage charges filed against MKE’s factory manager, Mustafa Tanrıverdi. Tanrıverdi was accused of trying to sell production blueprints for the MP5 and MPT76 (their HK417 clone) to a US company that imports MKE firearms. Judging from the glaringly obvious hints dropped in Turkish press coverage, the American businessman who blew the whistle on the deal was likely Zenith’s CEO, Kutlay Kaya.

  • Doesn’t even come close to being worth it. There’s the SIG MPX, the CZ Scopion Evo 3, and a myriad of other new offerings that are more affordable and probably better guns than this re-releasing of a gun that was popular in the mid-80’s and only remained popular because of Movies and Video Games. The MP5 was a great gun in it’s day. So were High Fidelity record players and ZIP drives.
    Those days have passed.

  • Richard Lutz

    The SP5K is a joke. The POF-5 from Pakistan has an all-steel push pin lower like the one used on the original G3 which allows you to fit customized grips, and has a paddle along with a 3-lug threaded barrel for half the price of the SP5K. Not being able to fit a sound suppressor is a deal breaker on any MP5 type firearm, as the only reason any sensible person would want a locked breach 9mm SBR is to fit a suppressor. The MP5K-PDW with a suppressor is arguably ideal for home defense, but for general purpose use you are far better off with a short barrel AR or AK with a suppressor. Protecting your hearing is very important, so not using a suppressor on a tactical rifle is stupid as ear plugs and ear muffs cannot be relied to protect your hearing in high stress situations as they can too easily be dislodged when fighting for your life, while you might not have time to put them on. You need a short barrel if you are going to fit a suppressor, thus a practical maximum is 12-inches IMO.

    If you want a suppressed 9mm fit a QD suppressor to a Glock pistol along and a flashlight/laser; don’t waste your time with an MP5 variant. Every time you practice with an MP5 you harm your ability to reflexively use your AR or AK. It makes no sense to have an MP5 unless it is the only type of self-loading tactical long gun you use or your other tactical self-loading long guns are G3 or HK33 variants, which are not practical alternatives to an AR or AK. HK’s roller locked long guns are for all intents and purposes a dead system and anyone who owns an AR or AK should avoid them. You should stick to one type of tactical self-loading long gun for serious purposes, not two as then you need to practice with two different systems which compromises your efficiency with both, to say nothing of having to obtain spare parts, magazines and accessories for two systems. If you have a rifle for militia use in the US it must be an AR (e.g., BCM CQB-11 NFA) as that is what police and soldiers use there.

    A 9mm SMG/carbine is a niche weapon for missions like sentry elimination, CQB type use at across-the-room distances, and self-defense by people who want something more effective than a handgun but cannot carry an assault rifle (like a jet fighter pilot). The only practical application for an MP5 type weapon for most people would be as a home defense weapon stored in an office safe, as an MP5K-PDW is small enough to fit inside such a safe with a suppressor fitted and the stock folded, and could also fit in some pistol safes with the suppressor removed. But is such a weapon much better than a vastly cheaper Glock pistol with a QD suppressor for home defense use? I think not. You could buy a quality AR with an Aimpoint Micro H-1 sight and a suppressor along with a Glock 19 pistol for the same price as one SP5K pistol. You could buy five GP WASR-10 HI-CAP rifles for the same price as one SP5K pistol. Thus it would be fiscally irresponsible to buy an SP5K if you are on a tight budget.

    I love the MP5, but cannot recommend them for tactical use by ordinary people as the downsides are too great. One can of course invent all manner of reasons for owning one, and if you can afford one as part of a gun collection go for it, but they are a niche weapon of limited utility. You might fancy them as a general issue weapon for a local civil defense type group who act as first responders, but if an Anders Breivik type character was on the loose, wearing soft body amour and equipped with a Ruger Mini-14, would you really want to take him on with an MP5 which is useless against soft body armor at point blank range with conventional ammo and useless against such armor beyond 50 meters even if loaded with AP ammo like the Russian 7N31 round? I think not. If you took civil defense and protecting your community seriously you cannot use an MP5 over an AR or AK as this would be irresponsible. The inescapable fact is that the AR and AK are far more versatile weapons than the MP5.

  • joedeats

    Living off the H&K name, that weapon is 1800 to much and 10mm would have been fantastic. If you need to have the H&K name and have the money it’s a free country (well it use to be until Obama arrived) so buy one if you wish. I can see wanting a real H&K I understand the connection of the name to perceived quality. But they should have brought something new to the table like the 10mm round and a better price. I love the MP5 but it’s just not worth 3000 bucks.

  • IndyToddrick

    Innacurate, ugly, heavy. May work as a submachine gun, but absolutely pointless as a semi-auto pistol. There is nothing a Glock couldn’t do better.

  • Blue Centurion

    Design changes and price will still keep the SP89 at a high collector value. I do not own one, probably wouldn’t want one of these, but I’m sure those with the circa 1988 etc SP89’s are breathing a sigh of relief.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    $2700 for a pistol. Because You Suck. And We Hate You.

  • Frank Nowakowski

    I knew there would be a ton of complainers and internet “Operators” picking this apart. I’m happy HK is releasing it. Gives us another option.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The MP5 is iconic, and I really wanted to like this, but I honestly can’t see the advantage over a long slide Glock and I can see a lot of disadvantages, not least of which is the HK price.

    Someone needs to make a quad stack 50+ round stick mag for Glocks, ala the Surefire AR magazine. 10mm too, please!

    At least the HK flier didn’t show the cartridges inserted backwards into the magazine this time.

  • Steve_7

    Um, H&K didn’t stop importing the SP89 in 1993 because they wanted to, the Clinton administration banned them from import under 18 USC 925(d)(3). “Assault” pistols are banned from import and remain so.

    922(r) doesn’t apply to handguns, btw. The form 4590 points test doesn’t apply either, it’s just some arbitrary decision that ATF Technology Branch takes based on how similar it is to an SMG.

    Has ATF actually signed off on this?

  • CountryBoy

    One reason it may NOT be good news to HK collectors: those who have paid ridiculous prices for the SP89 pistols recently are going to regret it. The guns have gone from $1,800 or so to well over $5,000, and tons of them are popping up on the usual auction and sales sites, including many scams.

    Those who own the SP89 may find they have a hard time selling it now that HK has realized (finally) there is still a market for the older design, even without a three-lug barrel, paddle mag release, etc.

    Hard to say, especially when folks are faced with a generally poor economy too.

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    There is a lot of people, that only read the article to hammer H&K over the pricing. Why? Because you can’t afford one? I can’t afford this, and kudos to those who can, it would be a nice alternative to the 20k they go for at auction for true MP5s.

    Just because you can’t buy this one model, you hate the company? They have lots of other offerings under the thousand dollar mark. Their line of USP’s are extremely high quality firearms. I have always owned one, but I am not married to it, and I am equally happy with a sig. Both have the decoder, which I love, and neither will break the bank.

    Price isn’t just about tooling, and factory costs, it also matter what they are selling, supply, demand, what someone is willing to pay. They can make and sell one, that someone will buy, for as much money as 10 other firearms, 20 other firearms, maybe 30. Pretty nice to get those legs, from an icon of special operations around the globe. They even tried to replace the aging system, but even that failed. So you can’t blame them for making a profit, the American way. Even today, the SD is still a formidable CQB SMG that any operator would love to have in his bag.

    My Army issued M4 was great, and short, great for enclosed spaces and pieing off corners, but I do wish I had the option as a soldier of the MP5SD, unfortunately as a Cavalry Scout, we don’t get the same outfit attention of SF, and a lot less latitude in what we can carry into battle.

    As one commenter said, 50 years later (it should be cheaper), well it looks like it has another 50 years to go. Good for H&K.