Keymod and M-LOK Handguards

Keymod and M-LOK are the two hot handguard styles right now while quad rails are going out of style. recently announced their new line of both Keymod and M-LOK handuards for various Heckler & Koch firearms and clones. So whether you’re a Magpul fanboy and prefer M-LOK or you’re into warehouse shelving and prefer Keymod you’re covered, just kidding guys.

HKParts has both styles available in various lengths for MP5/HK94/HK53, G3/HK91, HK93/C93, and MP5K/SP89 variants. Check out for more info.

– Made 100% in the USA, machined from a solid billet
– Aircraft grade aluminum, type III black hard coat, steel hardware included
– 1.62″ max diameter fully vented to aid in cooling and weight reduction
– Attractive slim line styling for the best in HK form with function
– Fully adjustable front clevis for “absolute” fitment & rock solid function
– MADE 100% IN THE USA (922r compliant)




[Source: Recoil]

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  • Giolli Joker

    I NEED a G3 clone…

    • Blake

      I’d suggest having a look at Atlantic Firearms. They carry most of the HK clone makes (PTR, Vector, etc).

      Here’s a PTR for under a kilobuck:

      Personally I’d love to have a PTR-32.

      See also

      • Giolli Joker

        I’m actually thinking of Schwaben Arms, Germany.
        Pricey, but apparently well made and sporting Lothar Walther barrels.

        I’m not American nor living in the US.
        If I was, I would probably have already gotten a PTR (or more).
        The PTR-32 is really interesting and quite unique, I wonder how they started manufacturing it as I know they work with Portuguese tooling and the HK G32 was just a prototype…

        I doubt any PTR has ever been imported in Europe.

        • iksnilol

          I must admit, I am interested in their Mauser 98K. A Mauser with a Lothar Walther barrel? Sign me up.

          EDIT: Saw the price, cheaper to buy a Norwegian milsurp Mauser and then changing out the barrel for a LW one.

      • KestrelBike

        Oh wow, this Z-5RS (mp5 clone) looks nice… Anyone know how these Zeniths stack up to Atlantic Arms clones? They appear to be in same price universe ($1,800)

        • Blake

          The “Zenith” company is actually the “new” importer of Turkish MKE weapons:

          Haven’t had the chance to talk to them or handle one, but everything I’ve read about MKE products on is quite favorable.

          • KestrelBike

            Thx greatly for the info! My latest interest is now in a DJ Getz mp5 pistol. I waffle all over the place…

          • Giolli Joker

            I’ve briefly handled the MKE products at IDEX and they seemed well made, but I have to admit I didn’t really know where to focus my attention to see the most telling details.
            Maybe it’s because of the licensing fees, but the price seems a bit steep compared to the average of Turkish products.

    • RealitiCzech

      Loved my PTR-91, but I rarely shot it at long enough ranges to justify ammo cost.

  • MR

    Speaking of going out of style, is anyone (other than random differently-abled persons) buying Sig braces anymore?

    • Mister Thomas

      Speaking of the Sig braces, how many people have been jailed for shouldering them so far?

      • Bill

        Into our jail we have booked precisely none, for any agency.

      • MR

        Man, that’d be a story to tell the grandkids…going to jail for shouldering a fugly “non-stock”. I’m sure we’ll read about it here first. Well, maybe second. That is, if the ATF ever nuts up and enforces their definition. Just need to pop one or two, and make sure the legal fees and costs to defend yourself in court get publicized, the rest might start to realize it just isn’t worth it to shoulder that ugly piece of rubber. Or maybe that it’s time to abolish the ATF. Ah, but that time passed long ago, and the ATF is still here, strong as ever, never admitting when they’re wrong (the M855 debacle notwithstanding, that was a typo. Right.) Or continue to see your authority questioned, and your determinations mocked. See where that takes you.

    • Cymond

      Well, Shockwave Industries just released their seem brace, with a collaborative effort with KAK Industries TO L to produce a special buffer tube that gives it an adjustable LOP …. so there must be some demand for them. FWIW, the Shockwave is significantly cheaper than the Sig design.

      • MR

        I definitely prefer the look of the Shockwave Industries “brace” over the SigBrace. Not much recoil to dissipate with a 223, so the narrow profile won’t harm functionality. Actually considering getting one for my next lightweight carbine build.

        • MR

          Though I do feel the need to point out, that Shockwave brace was in the works long before the ATF came out with their latest determination regarding Sig Braces.

  • Blake
  • Man, the FAL style flash hider on a legacy gun just doesn’t look right.

  • Bill

    I wasn’t aware that quad pic rails were going out of style. I knew that there were new “competitors,” but have seen zilch on what makes them superior and why I would want to either dump everything I have, or start running multiple proprietary systems. I guess I missed a memo.

    And having watched industrial shelving collapse……

    • Jay

      The quad rail is too bulky for what it does. For optics the Picatinny Rail is still the standard. But to attatch a light, forward grip, hand stop, or bipod, something like M-lok does everything the quad rail does, but it’s lighter, slimmer and you can actually grab it without grinding your hands.

      • Phil Hsueh

        It’s also lighter, like the modular system that came before M-Lok & Keymod, it allows you to put your accessories where you want and not worry about all that extra rail which does nothing but add weight. The advantage of M-Lok & Keymod over the old modular is that the accessories interface and attach directly to the handguard instead of having to screw on a bit of rail and then attach the accessory to that bit of rail, it helps save time and weight.

    • Vitsaus

      Yep. 10 years from now, there will be snickers about that “3 year period when everyone was making proprietary attachment systems” and the M-Lok/Keymod crowd will blush about all the stuff collecting dust in their garage like their high school year book picture where they dressed up like MC Hammer because he was the coolest guy on earth at the time.

      • Jay

        I don’t care about what’s the standard at any given time. I have no need for something just because it’s military standard or the cool guys use it. This new attachment standards make more sense for me. Up until last year it was keymod that made more sense, now I find the m-lock to be the better solution.
        A lot of companies make some nice m-lok handguards and accessories now and I don’t ruin my gloves every few trips to the range from quad rail attached forward grips or handling g the rifle.
        It’s a huge difference. Never going to even consider quad rails again.

    • RealitiCzech

      You have to admit, using a Gorilla Rack as a bipod would be pretty amusing.

  • Jay

    This is a cool handguard and blends with the rifle very well. It doesn’t look out of place, like a quad rail,on this rifle.
    But then again. M-LOK looks awesome on any rifle. 🙂
    Hats off to HK Parts for this. This handguard blends with the design of the rifle very well.